Kennedy to present on AI tools for educators

Joseph Kennedy, instructional designer and academic technologist at Concordia College, is presenting on AI (artificial intelligence) at a free, virtual conference for educators.

Kennedy’s session, titled “Ethical AI Use in Assessments: Leverage, Don’t Fear the Machine,” will be 12:30-1:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 10. It's part of ReAction 2024, a conference for skills-based learning.

He will teach techniques instructors can use to both encourage AI tools and diminish the chance students will use those tools inappropriately.

“Generative AI can empower students to be more creative, more expressive, and more cogent,” Kennedy said. “It creates efficiencies for instructors, supports neurodivergent students’ needs, and allows for more valid assessment. But it can be misused to create unreliable assessments.”

His presentation will also focus on Concordia College’s AI response as well as the proposed adoption of an AI Assessment Scale. The AIAS (v2) was developed after the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence as a tool to help faculty and students more ethically use AI during assessments.  

People can register for the conference at ReAction 2024.

Kennedy previously co-led a webinar about ways educators can measure acquired knowledge after the release of ChatGPT and other AI tools. That can be viewed online for free.