Neuroscience expert visits Concordia to explore the myths and truths of the creative brain 

Dr. Anna Abraham

MOORHEAD, Minn.  What is creativity? Can you measure it? How can you foster it? These are some of the questions to be addressed during a free, public lecture at Concordia College at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15, in the Knutson Campus Center Centrum. Distinguished neuroscience expert and author Dr. Anna Abraham will give a keynote address titled “Truths & Myths of the Creative Brain” as part of the college’s 2024 Nornes Lectureship in Neuroscience event. 

Abraham is the director of the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development at the University of Georgia, where she also holds a faculty position in psychology and neuroscience. Her research uses a variety of cutting-edge imaging technologies to delve into the neurophysiological aspects of creativity and the human imagination.  

She is the author of “The Neuroscience of Creativity” and the forthcoming “The Creative Brain: Myths and Truths. 

Creativity is not limited to artists,” said Dr. Krys Strand, Concordia’s neuroscience program director and associate professor of biology.Through Abraham’s research, we know creativity enhances people’s work no matter what field they are in. We’re excited to explore the idea of training creativity for our students.” 

The Nornes Lectureship in Neuroscience was created through generous gifts from Concordia alums Dr. Howard and Sonia Nornes and the LaVern and Lois Nornes families, for the benefit of Cobbers and the broader community. The event features speakers at the forefront of their fields and engages students, faculty, staff, alumni, area professionals, and the broader community on topics of importance and interest in neuroscience and related fields 

The value of these annual events is that it stimulates deep thinking about science across the community,” Strand said. “Plus, they’ve been great networking opportunities that have helped students land exceptional internships.” 

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