Student Named to Minnesota Young Women’s Leadership Group

Grace Halvorson ’25, a political science and philosophy major from Moorhead, has been appointed to the Minnesota Young Women’s Cabinet. The Cabinet is part of the Young Women’s Initiative, a program run in partnership with the Minnesota Governor’s Office and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. It aims to achieve equity in opportunities and improve the lives of young Black and Indigenous women, women of color, and gender-expansive people.

Halvorson is one of 32 young leaders from across the state joining the Cabinet. She applied after Moorhead City Council member and Cobber grad Laura Caroon ’06 told her about the program.

“I am incredibly honored to be part of the Cabinet,” Halvorson said. “The opportunity to dream big and take action to improve the lives of marginalized groups across Minnesota is exciting, and I am thrilled to be part of a diverse cohort of motivated, passionate leaders.”

Since 2016, the Young Women’s Cabinet has developed a legislative agenda, testified at the Capitol, and directed more than $3 million in grants to communities. The Cabinet ensures that the efforts of the Young Women’s Initiative stay grounded in the lived experiences of the young women and youth from each community.

“I’m grateful to be part of a group that is tasked with planning and creating new opportunities, solutions, and dreams for women across Minnesota,” Halvorson said.