Three Take Home Awards in Regional Mock Trial Competition

“Their hard work paid off!”

Concordia’s Mock Trial Team took part in the American Mock Trial Association Regional Tournament hosted by the University of Wisconsin–Madison in February.

L-R: Becca Nelson, Grace Halvorson, and Daniel Davies 

Grace Halvorson ’25 won “Outstanding Attorney,” and Daniel Davies ’25 and Becca Nelson ’25 both won “Outstanding Witness” awards.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney of North Dakota, Tara (Vavrosky) Iversen ’04, was a competitor on the Mock Trial Team as a Concordia student in 2001-03 and is now in her fourth season coaching the team.

Iversen said they had lost five veteran mock trial competitors to graduation last year and had only four students returning to start the season. “But those four, Grace Halvorson, Lauren Melton ’24, Kipton Jenson ’24, and Gavin Miller ’23, are not only formidable competitors but also talented leaders and all-around wonderful people,” she said.

The team was able to recruit 10 additional students to build a new team and, starting in September, the team spent several months learning the rules of evidence, practicing how to argue objections, and preparing and practicing direct exams, cross exams, opening statements, and closing arguments.


Opening ceremony

“Their hard work paid off — for the first time in my coaching career, we had three students take home individual awards from our regional competition,” Iversen said. “But, more importantly, I saw this group of students grow together as a team, as friends, and as future law students and leaders. I couldn’t be more proud of them — the Concordia Mock Trial Team had a terrific season.”

“Mock trial is such a fantastic experience for students, both those who are interested in law and those who aren’t,” Halvorson said. “This was my first in-person regional tournament, as regionals last year were online. It was an incredible weekend, full of impressive performances from the entire Concordia team, fun conversations with students from other schools, and lots of Wisconsin cheese!”

Relaxing with milkshakes after Day 1 

“Mock trial has been one of the most impactful experiences of college so far,” she added. “I have learned so much from our incredible coach, Tara, with many nights of practice trials and team bonding, and countless drafts of direct exams and closing arguments. I am already looking forward to next season.”

Anyone interested in joining the team can reach out to @concordiamocktrial on Instagram.