1.  Shower Caddy

The last thing you want to do is carry slippery shampoo bottles back and forth from the bathroom to your dorm room all year long. Make sure to buy one with enough compartments to carry all of your necessities. 

2.  Ramen Cooker

 Enough said.

3.  Long Charging Cables

When your phone is at 5% and you’re cozy in your loft, but you’re in the middle of your episode on Netflix – use your 10-foot charging cable to lend you a hand.

4.    Essential Oil Diffuser

 Try a calming essential oil scent like lavender during finals week, tangerine to wake you up for your 8 a.m. classes, or eucalyptus to help you go to sleep after you’re done writing that paper. 

5.    Portable Charger

 For the times when you’ve lost your charger in your dorm or when you take a weekend adventure, a portable charger will be your best friend.

7.    XL Twin Sheets

 These will come in handy when your mom asks if you have clean sheets on your bed. Slap these on and you’re good to go – just make sure you wash them first.

8.    Memory Foam Mattress Topper

 While Concordia’s mattresses are just fine, a mattress topper might bring a little extra comfort to your new bed.

9.    Shower Shoes

 Shower shoes are a necessary evil in college. Purchase shower shoes to ensure clean feet in communal showers.

10.  Area Rug

If stepping onto a cold floor first thing in the morning isn’t your favorite way to wake up, buy an area rug to put next to your bed.

11.  Surge Protector

 This surge protector comes with two USB charging ports – that way you can plug in your devices with ease.

12.  Sponge Wand

 Dishes in college – who knew? You will probably use this after Friday night bake sessions with your friends or to wash out your ramen cooker.

13.  Measuring Cups and Spoons

 That late night baking sesh in inevitable. Make sure you have these handy for when the brownie cravings strike.


14.  Food Storage Containers

 For something to put your brownies in after you make them.

15.  Fan

 Let’s face it, dorm rooms can get a little steamy when school starts. Since most aren’t air conditioned, bring a fan with to help keep you cool.

16.  Pizza Cutter

 What is the college experience without pizza? Keep this in your drawer for all of your frozen pizza adventures.

17.  Can Opener

 It won’t be until finals week when you’re faced with the can of soup that has been sitting on your shelf all semester, but buy a can opener now so you don’t have to worry at crunch time.

18.  Velvet Hangers

 These hangers grip all clothing articles with ease. Hang your button-up shirts, your dresses, you name it – your clothes won’t budge.

19. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

 You won’t have to worry about tripping over your shoes with this. With 24 compartments, share with your roommate and your floor will be shoe-free.

20. Saucer Chair

 If you happen to have an unexpected guest or need a cozy place to read, an extra chair in your dorm room will make things easier.