1. Get your friends together to take some group photos.

One of the best parts of college is the lasting friendships you create. These people are with you through all of the ups and downs of college. We love to see friends gather for graduation photos, documenting their time together on our campus. (#HighSchoolMusical?)

2.  Take some shots near your favorite academic building.

Depending on your major, it’s likely that you spent a large majority of your time in a specific building on campus – Old Main, Olin, the Integrated Science Center. Take some photos with that building and give yourself an ode to all the time spent earning your degree!

3.  Let your Cobber ring shine.  

Show off your ring this spring. Take a few shots focused on a symbol of Cobber community and tradition, as well as a reminder of your beloved alma mater.

4. Toss the caps.

It’s a tradition in many colleges across the United States. Why not document it?

5. Just laugh.

It’s not cliche. It’s supposed to be a happy day after all!

6.  Show Fargo-Moorhead some love (specifically our beloved Dairy Queen).

Commemorate your city. Visit the iconic Moorhead Dairy Queen for some fun, unique shots. Odds are that graduation might even happen on a warm day, so an icy treat might be the perfect way to celebrate. #MoorheadProud

7. The Dovre Campanile (aka the bell tower) – it’s the classic Concordia shot.

What is a Concordia photo without the bell tower in the background? You don’t even need to walk under it to get that perfect shot. Get one last photo with Concordia’s most famous structure to document your time at your “forever” home: Concordia College.

Looking for more ideas? Visit @concordia_mn on Instagram and view our “Graduation Photos” Highlight for additional inspiration.

Remember to tag @concordia_mn in your photos with #cordmn so we can share in your epic day.

Congratulations to our seniors and Roll Cobbs!

Published May 2019