Alexa Merkens at Concession Stand

Alexa Merkens ’19, Ada, Minn.
Major: Business-Management

Alexa Merkens ’19 spent her summer at Newman Outdoor Field, but it wasn’t all ice cream and hot dogs (at least not always). 

The business management major worked as an intern with the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks. Coming from Ada, Minn., Merkens is continuing her education at Concordia after receiving her associate’s degree in business at North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton.

As a food and beverage intern, Merkens spent her days stocking beverages, food, and other items, preparing everything needed for concession stands, picnics, and party decks hosted by the RedHawks staff.

At game time, Merkens managed game-day staff and filled customers’ needs. As a business management major, she gained valuable experience putting into practice all she has learned through her management classes.

“There are a lot of people that work to make the stadium run, from high schoolers to retirees,” Merkens said. “So, one thing that is going to stick with me throughout my life is the ability to manage a variety of people in different ways in order to have things run as smoothly as possible.” 

Along with game-day staff, Merkens worked daily with other interns and full-time staff. Colleagues quickly become friends after sharing many long days together. Those close relationships made the experience all the more enjoyable for Merkens. Working with others is just one of the aspects she came to love about the job.

Another perk Merkens appreciated was moving throughout the stadium each day. Spending most days actively prepping throughout the stadium, rather than in a cubicle, Merkens looked forward to the activity of each day.

“When I first thought of doing an internship I immediately pictured an office job, which is something I didn’t want to do,” Merkens said. “However, being able to work at a baseball stadium in the summer is something I never even thought of.”

Alexa Merkens in green stadium seats

Gaining experience in the world of sports and business has been valuable as Merkens looks toward her goals and aspirations following graduation.

“A lot of different things had to get done before the gates opened, and learning how to get them done in an efficient way is going to help me down the road as well,” Merkens said. “This internship taught me so much, and I can safely say that I am in the right field of study.”

Merkens encourages anyone searching for their passion to look for unexpected opportunities and experiences.

“I’d say that if it’s something that piques your interest, apply. Working for the RedHawks has been one of the coolest experiences for me and it will stick with me throughout my life,” Merkens said. “I’ve gotten to meet so many people and made friendships through this experience. It’s a lot of work at times but definitely worth it.”

 Published August 2018