Laurel Redmond in front of Old Main

Laurel Redmond ’20, Fargo, N.D.
Major: Food/Nutrition/Dietetics

How long have you served on the Homecoming committee?

I have been on the Homecoming committee since the second semester of my freshman year.

Why did you apply to be on the Homecoming committee?

I applied for the committee because I have always been interested in planning and organizing events and that is what the Homecoming committee is all about. I knew that applying and being the chair would bring a lot of stress and it would provide me with experiences that would push me out of my comfort zone. However, I knew that it would be an opportunity that would provide me with lifelong skills. Also, my sister went to Concordia and was a part of the Homecoming committee. I have always looked up to her and I wanted to follow her footsteps by being on the committee.

Fun fact: The chalk board sign in the atrium was made by my sister and my dad when she was on the committee in the fall of 2012.

students in front of bonfire at homecoming

What skills have you learned in your position as chair? 

I believe that my leadership skills have grown since the start of my time as the chair. I have learned how to listen to opinions, perspectives and ideas, and then integrate them into the big picture. I have learned that it is so important to go with the flow and to know that not everything is in my control. 

Do you have a favorite Homecoming memory?

My favorite Homecoming memory is definitely the bonfire. It is so fun to see students, faculty, and families come to the event and show their Cobber pride. It is such a fun event that is unlike any other school’s Homecoming and it is the perfect way to start the weekend.

Laurel Redmond carrying flag

What do you most look forward to this Homecoming?

I am looking forward to seeing all the great events that the Homecoming committee has worked on for the past 10 months! It has been so fun to see the committee organize and plan from the beginning and I cannot wait to see how the events turn out. I am looking forward to seeing their unique and creative changes to Concordia’s traditions.