Aviskar Giri ’19, Kathmandu, Nepal
Major: Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Please tell us about your journey to Concordia.

After completion of high school, I was looking for universities in the U.S. to pursue my bachelor’s degree. Concordia fit me the best in terms of courses it offered and the generous financial aid it had for international students. After being accepted, I packed my bags and went for the journey that I know I will always cherish.

What do you remember most about your experience at Concordia?

I miss being around friends from around the world. Concordia connected me to a diverse group of friends and faculty, which gave me a better understanding of different cultures.

How did your student experiences prepare you for what you are doing today?

Different resources on campus such as the Writing Center and the Career Center were monumental in helping me prepare to be a strong potential candidate for various positions I applied.


What is your current job and how did you acquire this position?

I am currently working as a project manager at Fargo Consultants in Dallas, Texas. I found this position by applying through the company’s website.

What do you find fulfilling about what you are doing?

I always have wanted to work in the environmental field. Therefore, working with environmental engineers to curb the impact of humans on the environment has been very fulfilling.

How does your position connect with what you learned at Concordia?

With the help of my academic advisors and other faculty members, I was able to choose courses that fit my best interests in the fields of political science and environmental studies. I realized that in order to work in the U.S. in the environmental field, I first needed to understand the political and environmental policies of the States, which is what I learned while at Concordia.

Do you have a specific mentor at Concordia who was instrumental in your career journey?

Dr. Bryan Bishop is the chair of the biology department and was my academic advisor. We share common outdoor interests such as flying drones and have connected through these activities. He is a phenomenal professor and continues to be an instrumental mentor to me in my career journey.

What would you tell young individuals who wish to enter your field to help prepare them for what’s to come? 

Always believe in yourself and take advice from your mentors.