Here’s what you’ll need:


If you haven’t heard of an AeroPress, it’s basically a manual one-cup coffee/espresso maker. You put the press on top of your mug of choice, scoop in the grounds and add hot water. After a quick steep session, you press out your coffee. Voila!  

Something that’s great about the AeroPress is that you can use any type of pre-ground coffee/ espresso beans. Fan of a Starbucks latte? Pick up a pound of Starbucks ground espresso beans and you can make one yourself.

There are three reasons why you need to add an AeroPress to your Amazon cart today. First, it’s a pretty versatile “machine.” Whether you’re in the mood for a latte (espresso + milk), an Americano (espresso + water) or just a fresh cup of joe, it’s quick and easy with this press. Find some cool coffee recipes to make here! 

Second, it’s so fast! Typically, brewing a cup of coffee or shot of espresso with an AeroPress takes around 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Considering the amount of time it would take to drive to get coffee or even walk to the Coffee Stop on campus, it’s practically instantaneous.

While you’re steeping the grounds, you can heat some milk to go with it. By the time your milk is ready, the coffee will be too!

Finally, it’s light and durable. College is not the place to bring your finest glassware and machinery, which is why an AeroPress is a good option. Made with hard plastic and just a few pieces, it is small, light and won’t break if your roommate accidentally knocks it over.

If you prefer larger amounts of coffee at a time, a traditional French press can make anywhere between 4-8 cups of black coffee.

Electric Kettle

You can’t go wrong with an electric kettle. For one, this makes using the AeroPress a lot simpler. Just add water and wait until it hits the right temp. It’s fast and makes more hot water at a time than if you were to microwave it. But an electric kettle is also great for making tea or an Americano. They’re also not too expensive and they last awhile.

Milk Frother

A milk frother might just become your new best friend. They’re cheap, fast and easy! One of the key differences between a latte at home and a latte at a coffee shop is the foamy milk. Microwaving your milk and pouring it into your espresso does not give you the creamy and delicious drink you’re ordering at the coffee shop. But having a milk frother on hand will give you just that. Heat up your milk in the microwave and get to frothin’.

Now that you have the tools to make the drinks, go crazy and explore! Buy flavored syrups at the grocery store. Add in some chocolate syrup and make a mocha. Spray some whipped cream on top and you’re golden! Here’s to being the best barista on your floor. You’ll be making café-style drinks in no time. 


Published July 2018