Play Games and Color

The library and Center for Student Success have games, puzzles, and craft projects to help you wind down between study sessions.

Prep in the CSS

The staff in the Center for Student Success want you to exceed (it’s even in the name). Head over to the Normandy for assistance from the writing center for that final paper, meet with a tutor for support with that last exam, or schedule a time with an academic counselor to guide you through the week.


Snuggle with Furry Friends

The library holds two evenings with emotional support animals — one with puppies and one with kitties — during finals week to help students destress and cuddle up with a furry friend.

Attend Worship Service

Take a break at the candlelight worship service in the Centrum. Campus Ministry also provides opportunities for peaceful gatherings to help students throughout the year.

Move Around

Staying at your desk can be tiring. Moving your body helps in many ways — whether you go to the gym, meditate, or take a yoga class.


Prioritize sleep. You can’t be productive without enough sleep. Rest and snooze time will help with concentration and not getting sick.

Listen to Music

The Campus Events Commission hosts a study beats session during finals week with lo-fi beats in The Maize. Also, check out Concordia’s Spotify to find some music to play while studying.

Reward Yourself

Make sure to reward yourself. Hang out with friends or get a little treat. You deserve it for all your hard work — not just during finals week but all semester.

Published December 2023