Choosing your home for the next four years can be stressful. The process can require meeting many new people, traveling to a variety of places, and retaining all kinds of information until your brain just about explodes. It can be hard to take time to reflect and really picture yourself as a college student, but going on a campus tour is a great time for doing just that.

Here’s what you can expect:

Student Tour Guides

You will be paired with a coffee-fueled college student who is more than ready to show you around the place they call home. I love giving tours (even at 9 in the morning). It is a great way to showcase what I love about Concordia and why I ultimately felt my future would be best served here.

Personal Stories

A campus tour isn’t meant to be yet another format to hear mundane and boring information but to listen to stories, experience campus, and catch a glimpse of what it is like to be a college student. I love mentioning stories about the friends I have met, the professors I befriended, and the new experiences I have had.

Meet & Greet

On a tour, you can expect to see a majority of the campus facilities, meet current students and faculty, and possibly grab a bite to eat in the dining center. I cannot stress enough the importance of asking questions, clarifying certain pieces of information and, of course, to have fun.

Dig Deeper

I recommend taking some time after your admission visit to walk around campus by yourself and maybe spend some time in the community surrounding your college. Make notes during your tour of what you liked about the campus, things you want to remember, and any concerns that come up.

Here’s wishing you the best of luck on your college search.

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Published July 2018