Please consider that:

  • ALL ensembles are open to any interested student who completes an audition.
  • There are instrumental ensembles offered which DO NOT require an audition

Auditions will take place during Orientation Week in the Hvidsten Hall of Music.

Please note: Additional costs of membership in the Concordia Symphonic Band and The Concordia Band include purchasing concert black. The cost of concert attire can be up to $150 depending on your choice of apparel. Fittings will take place during the first three days of classes. 

To assist you in preparing your audition, please thoroughly read the relevant documents from each of the sections below.

General Audition Information

Please read through the information about each of the large ensembles, including their rehearsal schedule (to make sure you can attend all rehearsals), when each instrument will be auditioned and who to contact for additional performance opportunities.