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History of Concordia Band Tours

As the first Concordia organization to tour abroad – Norway in 1935 – the band has a history of performing in concert halls and churches across the country and overseas. With domestic tours each year and international tours every few years, the band is always taking its music somewhere new. In 1975, The Concordia Band celebrated the 40th anniversary of the 1935 tour with a tour that included travel and performances in England, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and France. In 1999, The Concordia Band celebrated its 100th anniversary with a tour that included travel and performances in Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

In May 2007, The Concordia Band returned to Norway, performing concerts at Maihaugen in Lillehammer with the local Brøttum Brass band; at the Domkirkeodden (Glass Cathedral) in Hamar; at the Domkirke in Kristiansand with the Domkirke Choir; at the Peer Gynt Salen in Grieghalen with the Sandvikens Ungdomskorps; at the Voss Kino in Voss with the Voss Spelemannslag; and also outdoors in Voss on the Syttende Mai!

In May 2012, The Concordia Band went on a historic tour to Hong Kong and China, performing concerts at the United International College in Jhuhai; at the Sichuan International Studies University in Chongquing; at Number 30 High School in Chongquing; at Southwest University in Chongquing; and at Communication University of China in Bejing.

In May 2016, The Concordia Band went on a two-week tour of Spain, performing concerts in El Espinar; in Granada as part of the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza; in Valencia at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música “José Iturbi”; at the Unió Musical d'Alaquàs; at Lliria with La Banda Primitiva; and at the Auditori Pau Casals in El Vendrell.