A Message from Dr. Michael Culloton:

For nearly 100 years, The Concordia Choir has been traveling around the country to share our music with audiences filled with alumni, prospective students, and first-time concert-goers. As you can imagine, the costs to do this have risen dramatically, but so has our resolve to continue serving as "the voice of the college" through song!  Will you be part of making our tours possible? Thank you for all the ways you support us and cheer us on. We feel your love at every concert!
Your Generosity Makes a Difference:
  • $28 covers one singer’s daily food costs
  • $72 covers the cost of one singer’s seat on the bus each day
  • $148 covers one hotel room for a quartet of singers
  • $223 covers the entire costs of one singer for a day
  • $375 covers the cost of one singer’s airplane ticket home
  • $2,254 covers the cost of one bus per day
Special note: All who donate $1,000 or more will receive a video of The Concordia Choir singing their trademark "Thank You" song specifically for you! Be sure to supply your email address for delivery!