The New Approach, Explained

What is Concordia doing?

Concordia College is repricing its tuition rate for the 2021-22 academic year in order to bring clarity and transparency to the cost of a Concordia education and financial aid available to help students meet and manage their college costs. Next year, the college will set tuition at $27,500 for all new students and dramatically limit the annual inflationary increase continuing students will be charged for the year ahead.


Impact on Current Students

For continuing students, the process of paying your bill next year will be very much the same – just with the new tuition amount.

Why is Concordia repricing tuition?

In recent years, many students and their parents have asked: “Why does Concordia charge such a high price and then turn around right away and give scholarships? Why not just charge a straight-forward price and cut out the scholarships that are really just a way to bring the cost down from a price that’s so high?”

This change in tuition price is foremost an effort to bring more clarity and transparency to the cost of attending Concordia for current and future students. Concordia is aware of the large number of students who don’t consider enrolling at the college because the price they see is just too high.

This change in our price and aid structure is designed to help all students better realize the actual cost of a year of study at Concordia and the financial aid available to help students afford their Concordia education.

When will the new tuition be implemented?

It is effective beginning in fall 2021, for both new and returning full-time undergraduate students.

What about the cost of room and board?

The overall cost of room and board at Concordia is set at $9,200 for academic year 2021-22. It is worth noting that the room and board cost at Concordia is lower than most Minnesota private colleges and most higher education institutions in the Upper Midwest region.

What’s next?

Students should complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Financial aid award packages for new students will be sent starting in mid-winter. Concordia’s FAFSA code is 002346.