2021 Symposium Plenary Sessions Videos


Polls show most people attend college to “get a good job,” in a time when the workplace is changing radically, and few workers feel highly engaged. Yet, people long for fulfilling, useful, and meaningful work and ought to pursue it. The 2021 Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium seeks to affirm the importance of college learning to invest in readiness for lifelong employment where one can cultivate a life worth living through making a difference to the needs of the world. The symposium will examine the emerging interest of employers in resilient and resourceful skills, qualities, and mindsets that go beyond technical competence and confer ability to work with others, negotiate multiple cultures, and tackle complex problems. Those with such talent will adapt and flourish amid coming changes to work posed by automation. They will find purpose in addressing the needs of the world they live in and joy in jobs yet to be imagined.

Logo by Ella Carlin '23 from Fosston, Minn. This logo design intends to represent the job revolution with an image of a handshake between human and AI.


Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are free and open to the public. At this time Concordia recommends masks for indoor events.

Schedule of Events


  • Gary Bolles, author, Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University
  • Brandon Busteed, President, University Partners and Global Head, Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan
  • Kweilin Ellingrud, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Dr. Frank Magwegwe, entrepreneur and founder of Frankly Speaking and Thrive Financial Wellness
  • Dr. Jason Mahn, religion professor and director of the Presidential Center for Faith and Learning, Augustana College

Speaker Bios