Creating the Visual Record

Sept. 19-20, 2023
Chair: W. Scott Olsen, English


Whitney Latorre, former director of visuals and immersive experiences at National Geographic
Lauren Walsh, director of the Gallatin Photojournalism Lab at New York University and director of Lost Rolls America, a national archive of photography and memory
Ami Vitale, National Geographic photographer and founder of Vital Impacts


Engaged Citizenship

Sept. 21, 2022
Dr. Ken Foster, Chair/Professor of Political Science; Director of Community Engagement


Dr. Richard Guarasci, President Emeritus, Wagner College; Principal, Presidential Partners LLC; and Author of "Neighborhood Democracy: Becoming an Engaged Citizen"
Will Kuball, Deputy Director of Candidate Services, MN DFL Senate Caucus
Levi Bachmeier, Republican Party of ND District 13 Chairperson and Former Policy Director for Gov. Doug Burgum
Rachel Stone, Moorhead School Board Member; Founder of P's & Q's Etiquette
Rep. Heather Keeler, MN State House District 4A; Former Member, Moorhead Human Rights Commission and Fargo Native American Commission 
James Hand, Board Member, Moorhead Economic Development Authority and Moorhead Business Asociation


Work in the Job Revolution

Sept. 22-23, 2021
Dr. Eric Eliason, English
Dr. Per Anderson, Global Learning


Gary Bolles, author, chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University
Brandon Busteed, president, University Partners and Global Head, Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan
Kweilin Ellingrud, senior partner, McKinsey & Company
Dr. Frank Wagwegwe, entrepreneur and founder of Frankly Speaking and Thrive Financial Wellness
Dr. Jason Mahn, religion professor and director of the Presidential Center for Faith and Learning, Augustana College


Food for Good

Sept. 22-23, 2020
Dr. Joan Kopperud, English
Dr. Joy Lintelman, History


Kwame Onwuachi, award-winning chef and author of "Notes From a Young Black Chef"
Jonathan Rutter, executive director and curator of The Rourke Art Gallery
Jonathan Bloom, journalist and food waste consultant
Andrea Baumgardner, local chef and restaurant owner
Amy Thielen, chef and two-time James Beard Award-winning writer
Sharon M. Day, executive director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force
Dr. Amy Kircher, '97, senior advisor of the Food Protection and Defense Institute
Daniel Klein, director and filmmaker, producer of the James Beard Award-winning nine documentary series "The Perennial Plate"


Speech: Freedom vs. Responsibility?

Sept. 17-18, 2019
Dr. Stephanie Ahlfeldt, CSTA, Chair


Nadine Strossen, John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law at New York Law School and past president of the American Civil Liberties Union
Zachary R. Wood, assistant opinion editor of The Guardian
Roxane Saberi, CBS News correspondent in London


Power Plays: Why Gender Matters

Sept. 18-19, 2018
Dr. Darcie Sell, Psychology
Dr. David Creech, Religion


Rebecca Walker, Author and Activist
Jackson Katz, Co-Founder of Mentors in Violence Prevention
Debra Fitzpatrick, Co-Director of the Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota


Reformation: Transforming the World One Door at a Time

Sept. 19-20, 2017
Dr. Ernest Simmons, Religion, Chair


The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop of the ELCA
Jim Ziolkowski, author of "Walk in Their Shoes" and founder, president, and CEO of buildOn
Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary/California Lutheran University
The Rev. Dr. Moses Penumaka, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary/ California Lutheran University
The Rev. Dr. Surehka Nelavala, Global Peace Lutheran Fellowship


America and the Middle East: Local and Global Dimensions

Sept. 20-21, 2016
Dr. Sonja Wentling, History
Dr. Dawn Duncan, English/Global Studies
Dr. Mona Ibrahim, Psychology
Dr. Ahmed Kamel, Computer Science


Farah Pandith, Foreign Policy Strategist
Dr. Asaad Al-Saleh, Professor, Indiana University
Lee Keylock, Narrative 4
Hend Al-Mansour, Artist


China Rising: A New Global Order?

Sept. 22-23, 2015
Dr. Rebecca Moore, Political Science, Chair


Dr. Minxin Pei, Claremont McKenna College, CA
Dr. Elizabeth Economy, Council on Foreign Relations
Dr. Martin Jacques, Author, Cambridge University, UK
Kwon Kisoo, Fullbright Artist in Residence


Sustainability: Local Action/Global Impact

Sept. 16-17, 2014
Dr. Stephanie Ahlfeldt, CSTA, Chair


Dr. David Orr, Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Director, Oberlin Project
Dr. Juliet Schor, Boston College
Simran Sethi, Journalist and Educator
Su Legatt, Artist, North Dakota State University


Happiness: Living the Good Life

Sept. 10-11, 2013
Dr. Kristen Theye, CSTA, Chair


Dr. Ellen Charry, Princeton Theological Seminary
Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, University of California, Riverside
Michael J. Strand, North Dakota State University
Dr. Valerie Tiberius, University of Minnesota

Dr. David Orr, Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Director, Oberlin Project
Dr. Juliet Schor, Boston College
Simran Sethi, Journalist and Educator
Su Legatt, Artist, North Dakota State University


Beyond Genocide: Learning to Help and Hope

Sept. 11-12, 2012
Amy Watkin, English, Chair


Rose Mapendo, Co-founder of Mapendo New Horizons
Gretchen Steidle Wallace, Founder and President of Global Grassroots
David Feinberg, University of Minnesota
Gregory Gordon, University of North Dakota


The Role of the Artist in Society: Inspiration, Issues, Impact

Sept. 13-14, 2011
Dr. Dawn Duncan, English, Chair


Dr. Dan Flory, Montana State University, Bozeman
Jennifer Heath, Arts Journalist and Art Critic
Colum McCann, Author
Dr. Lawrence Rothfield, University of Chicago


Awakening to Wonder: Re-enchantment in a Post-secular Age

Sept. 14-15, 2010
Dr. George Connell, Philosophy, and Dr. Jan Pranger, Religion, Co-Chairs


Dr. Adam Frank, University of Rochester
Dr. Michael Saler, University of California Davis
Dr. Ronald Thiemann, Harvard Divinity School
Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University
Judith Valente, Journalist


Where is the We in an iWorld? Technology and Learning in the 21st Century

Sept. 15-16, 2009
Dr. Gay Rawson, French and Russian, Chair


Dr. Mark Bauerlein, Emory University
Doug Burgum, Kibourne Group and former VP Microsoft
Neil Howe, author, historian, demographer, and economist
Dr. Tracy Mitrano, Cornell University
Dr. Gary Small, UCLA Memory and Aging Center
Dr. Roland Martinson, Luther Seminary
Michael Chambers, Aldevron
Gary Inman, State Bank and Trust
Brent Teiken, Sundog Technology


Changing with the Climate: How Fast, How Far?

Sept. 16-17, 2008
Dr. Stewart Herman, Religion, and Dr. Gerald Van Amburg, Biology, Co-Chairs


Dr. Lonnie Thompson, The Ohio State University
Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson, The Ohio State University
Rev. Vy Nguyen, Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Brad Crabtree, Great Plains Institute
Scott Handy, Cass County Electric Cooperative
Carmen Miller, Pew Environment Group
Dr. Eugene Takle, Iowa State University
John Flicker, President, National Audubon Society
Christine Ervin, consultant and spokesperson for green buildings, clean energy, and climate change


Faith and Public Life: Celebrating Vision in Action

Sept. 10-12, 2006
Dr. Harvey Stalwick, Lilly Grant Office, Chair


Edward Cordoza, Director of Partners in Health, Harvard
Dr. David Batstone, Executive Editor of Sojourners Magazine
Dr. John Neafsey, Professor and Author, Loyola University
Stephen Lewis, UN Secretary General's Special Envoy HIV/AIDS
Dr. Sharon Daloz Parks, Author and Director, Whidbey Institute
Rev. Ann Svennungsen, President, Fund for Theological Educ.


HIV/AIDS in the Global Community: Scientific, Economic and Cultural Challenges

Sept. 11-13, 2005
Dr. Mark Covey, Psychology, Chair


Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Director General of the World Health Organization
Julienne Munyaneza, World Association for Christian Communication
Sue Coe, Artist and Journalist


The Future of the Reformation Tradition: Contemporary Problems and Issues

Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2004
Arland Jacobson, CHARIS Ecumenical Center, Chair


Bishop Munib Younan, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jerusalem
Dr. Merold Westphal, Philosophy Department, Fordham University
Bishop Mark Hanson, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, General Secretary, World YWCA
Dr. Marc Ellis, Professor, Baylor University

The Reformation Tradition in North America: Past and Present
Feb. 9, 2004


Dr. Martin Marty, Emeritus, University of Chicago Divinity School


The Liberally Education Person: Rethinking the Tradition in the 21st Century

Oct. 26-27, 2003
Dr. George Connell, Philosophy, Chair


Rev. Dr. Kerstin Gafgen-Track, Lutheran Church of Germany
Dr. Patrick Graham, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
Dr. Roland Martinson, Luther Seminary


Moral Formation: Where Commerce Ends and Character Begins

Sept. 23-25, 2001
Dr. Nicholas Ellg, Sociology, Chair


Dr. Jean Bethke-Elshtain, University of Chicago Divinity School
Dr. George Ritzer, Author and Professor, University of Maryland
Ralph Nader, Renowned Consumer Advocate


Healing and Spirituality: Medical, Religious and Cultural Perspectives

Sept. 17-19, 2000
Dr. Mark Krejci, Psychology, Chair


Dr. Darrel Amundsen, Western Washington State University
Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord, Associate Dean, Dartmouth Medical School
Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard, Mind/Body Institute
Pre-Symposium Event: Drepung Loseling Monks from Tibet


Who is My Neighbor? Concordia College and the Community

Sept. 26-28, 1999
James Postema, Associate Dean, Chair


Robert Putnam, JFK School of Gov., Harvard University
Nadinne Cruz, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford Univ.
John Kretzmann, Northwestern University
Joy Harjo, Joanne Shenandoah, Mary Youngblood, Silver Feather
Wing Young Huie, Photographer and Author


Faith, Science and the Future

Sept. 27-29, 1998
Dr. Ernest Simmons, Religion, Chair


Dr. Owen Gingerich, Harvard University
Dr. Chris McKay, NASA-Ames Research Center
Dr. Margaret Rice, NASA-Ames Research Center
Dr. Robert Russell, University of California-Berkeley
Ira Sherman, Artist and Sculptor
Dr. Paul Churchland, University of California-San Diego
Dr. Frederick Ferre, University of Georgia
Dr. Karen Lebacqz, Pacific School of Religion, Berkley


Soul Searching: The Unsettled Church and America's Spiritual Quest

Sept. 15-17, 1996
Per Anderson, Religion, Chair


Peggy Wehmeyer, Religion Commentator, ABC News
Wade Clark Roof, University of California-Santa Barbara
Kathleen Norris, Poet and Author
Janet Bernardi, Author and Pharmaceutical Researcher
Rev. Paul Westermeyer, Luther Seminary
Herbert Chilstrom, former Bishop of ELCA
Timothy Lull, Academic Dean, Pacific Lutheran
Lois Malcolm, Luther Seminary


The Wealth of Nations: Cooperation or Competition

Sept. 17-19, 1995
Sergio Mendes and Dr. David Moewes, Business and Economics, Co-Chairs


James Fallows, Editor, Atlantic Monthly, Commentator for NPR
Dr. Russell Roberts, Olin School of Business, Washington Univ.
Dr. M. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Johns Hopkins University
John Ydstie, Economics Correspondent, NPR Morning Edition
Osamu Iida, Director, Honda Motor Company
Sen. Byron Dorgan, North Dakota Congressman
George Sinner, former Governor of North Dakota
Dr. Luther Tweeten, Ohio State University


With Respect to Difference: Voices of a Multicultural Society

Sept. 18-20, 1994
Dr. Polly Fassinger, Sociology, Chair


Dr. Ronald Takaki, Ethnic Studies, Cal-Berkley
Linda Chavez, Author and former Civil Rights Commissioner
Dr. Manning Marable, Columbia University
Rev. Craig Lewis, VP, Shorebank Corporation, ELCA Ex. Asst.
Dr. Carlos Cortes, University of California-Riverside


Who Cares for Our Children?

Sept. 19-21, 1993
Dr. Barbara Rusness, Family and Nutrition Sciences, Chair


Dr. Samuel Proctor, Rutgers University
Dr. Emmy Werner, University of California-Davis
Dr. Sylvia Hewlett, Author and Economist
Dr. Walter Allen, University of California-Los Angeles
Dr. Ernest Boyer, Carnegie Foundation


A Gathering of Spirit: Gifts of the Native Americans

Sept. 13-15, 1992
Tony McRae, Professor of French and Russian, Chair


John Mohawk, Seneca Nation, Author, State Univ. of NY
Gordon Straw, Dir., Ethnic Ministry ELCA
Philip Hogen, Dir., Office of American Indian Trust
Harriett Skye, Assoc. of American Indian Affairs, Inc.
Suzan Shown Harjo, Morning Star Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Lydia Sage-Chase, North Dakota Indian Arts Association
Mike Mansfield, Anishinaubag Intercultural Programs


The Church and Society: Shaped – Shaping

Sept. 15-17, 1991
Dr. James Hofrenning, Religion, Chair


Rev. Barbara Lundblad, Pastor, New York, ELCA Council
Allan Boesak, Apartheid Activist, Author, South Africa
Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale Divinity School
Anne Patrick, SNJM, Carleton College
Martin Marty, University of Chicago


A Fragile Environment: Global Development and Human Responsibility

Sept. 16-18, 1990
Dr. Gerald Van Amburg, Biology, Chair


Gerald Barney, Founder of the Institute for the 21st Century Studies
John Cobb Jr., Theologian, Claremont Graduate School, California
Frank Popper, Rutgers University, Author of "Buffalo Commons"
Wes Jackson, Founder and Director, The Land Institute
Tamara Alikhanova, Soviet Academy of Science, African Studies
Leongard Gontcharov, Soviet Academy of Science, Economics
Job Ebenezer, Assoc. Dir., World Hunger Education, ELCA
Joyce Starr, Middle East Foreign Affairs Expert
Jane Blewett, Director, Earth Community Center
Janet Welsh Brown, World Resources Institute
John Stevenson, Assoc. Adm. Ag Stabilization and Conservation


The Biomedical Revolution: Power, Values and Responsibility

Sept. 17-19, 1989
Dr. Martha Ice, Sociology, Chair


Daniel Maguire, Author and Founder of Moral Alternatives
William May, Medical Ethicist, Southern Methodist University
Agnes Mansour, Ex. Dir. of Poverty and Social Reform Institute
Leonard Sharber, Ex. Dir. of Circle Family Care, Chicago
Paul Menzel, Pacific Lutheran University
Ingrid Deininger, Individualized Home Care, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Richard Foss, Trinity Lutheran Church, Moorhead
Barbara Orlans, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University
Lilly-Marlene Russow, Purdue University
Robert Murray Jr., Howard University, Washington, D.C.
Arthur Caplan, Director, Center for Biomedical Ethics, U of M


Homeless in America

Sept. 18-20, 1988
Dr. Arland Jacobson, CHARIS Ecumenical Center, Chair


Mitch Snyder, Community for Creative Non-Violence
John Steinbruck, Minister and Advocate, Washington, D.C.
James Hubbard, Photographer, Homeless in America Project
Richard Appelbaum, Sociologist, University of Santa Barbara
Sue Watlov Phillips, Director, Elim Transitional Housing, Inc.
Robert M. Hayes, Founder, National Coalition for Homeless
Madeleine Stoner, Author and Professor, University of Southern California
George Latimer, Mayor of St. Paul


The Constitution of the United States: Facing the Third Century

Sept. 13-15, 1987
Dr. Stuart Ringham, Political Science, Chair


Robert F. Drinan, Professor of Law, Georgetown University
Faith Burgess, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
David J. Olson, University of Washington, Seattle
Ralph A. Rossum, Claremont McKenna College, California
Anthony V. Bouza, Chief of Police, Minneapolis
Paul A. Magnuson, Federal Judge, St. Paul
Paul E. Peterson, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Connie Friesen, Lawyer, Skadden, Arps, Slate, New York
Hedrick L. Smith, New York Times Pulitzer Prize Author


Communication and Controversy: Visions and Realities

Sept. 14-16, 1986
Hank Tkachuk, SCTA, Chair


Richard Gregg, Pennsylvania State University
Guy R. Doud, National Teacher of the Year 1986
Edward Schiappa, Kansas State University
Kenneth Elsea, EG & G Services of Atlanta
Michael J. Hyde, Northwestern University
W. Charles Redding, Purdue University
John Dillenberger, President, American Academy of Religion
Neville Jayaweera, World Association for Christian Communication
Gaye Tuchman, Queens College, New York
Keith Bridston, Yale University