Making career decisions can feel confusing and overwhelming. We are here to provide information, resources, and support to help you figure out who you are, what you want, and how to achieve your personal and professional goals. All career services for students and alumni of Concordia College are FREE.

Launch Your Career on Handshake

Handshake is the #1-way college students find jobs. This free online platform is unique because unlike other job boards the opportunities you’ll find on Handshake are specifically for students (no experience required) and it is easy for employers to find you when they're searching for job candidates. 

Tip: Make sure to use your email when signing up.

Handshake Student Login

You will receive personalized recommendations for jobs, internships, and events based on the preferences you set up in your Handshake profile. These recommendations will improve as you add new experiences, skills, and activities to your profile as you go.

When you login to Handshake for the first time, it will prompt you to add information and preferences to your profile. Please do not skip this step, as it will allow you to see relevant jobs/internships and employers. See the resources section below for more information on how to set up your Handshake profile and other user tips.

Student enrollment data is added to Handshake throughout the summer and at least once per semester.  If you have any difficulty logging in, contact the Career Center at or 218-299-3020.

NOTE: Do not set up a Handshake account using a personal email account (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.). 

Finding an On-Campus Job (Work-Study)

All students are eligible to work on campus regardless of financial need. On-campus jobs allow students to work part-time and earn money while attending school. Students can work in multiple on-campus jobs. Campus employers understand that school is your priority, so they will often customize your work schedule to accommodate classes and other activities/involvement.

Unlike other forms of financial aid, on-campus job earnings do not go to your tuition account. Your bi-weekly paycheck goes directly to you. The hourly rate of pay is minimum wage for most positions. Some employers such as Dining Services and Facilities Management generally begin at $1 more per hour. In most cases, you are not limited to the amount of earnings listed on your financial aid award letter.

Students find and apply for on-campus jobs using Handshake. See login instructions above.

NOTE: Students who qualify for need-based aid or the Federal Work-Study Program can choose to work at any on-campus job OR with the America Reads program in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Questions related to the Federal Work-Study Program can be directed to the Financial Aid Office.