Real-World Teaching

Concordia education majors spent a lot of time observing and teaching in area classrooms so they’re beyond equipped for a job in the real world. These hands-on experiences start early – sophomore education majors start clinicals in English Language Learners of English as a Second Language classrooms. Juniors do service-learning projects with local classes and teach classes related to their interests. Seniors spend a semester student teaching at local, inner city or overseas schools. During all these classroom experiences, faculty will observe and guide you to create mentoring relationships that often last a lifetime.

Global Experience

Education students can also take advantage of teaching in a different language at our renowned Concordia Language Villages. Several of the language education programs give credit for time employed at Concordia Language Villages, both during the academic year and summers. In fact, Concordia’s Master of Education in world language instruction includes classes at the beautiful Concordia Language Villages site in northern Minnesota during the summer.

Another exciting option for education majors is Global Student Teaching. Students who are independent and highly motivated can complete their student teaching practicum at schools in many parts of the world, including sites within the United States. Abroad, students have taught in Europe, Central America, Asia, and in the Pacific region. Domestically, students have had placements ranging from Maryland and California to reservation schools and immersion schools. 

Want to go abroad but feel that Global Student Teaching isn't for you? You still have options. More than half of our students study internationally at least once during their four years. Recent trips abroad through the education department have been to Australia, Hawaii, England, Norway, and Denmark to learn about their education systems – and sightsee, of course!