The study of the ancient Mediterranean world and the civilizations of Greece and Rome is the foundation of the Western intellectual experience. Latin is the largest contributor to the English language as the source of 90 percent of English words more than two syllables.

Through the lens of Greek and Roman studies, you’ll view the world in a new way, think more critically, freely discuss your ideas, and write clearly and effectively.

Programs of Study

Students may choose to major or minor in Greek and Roman studies, an interdisciplinary program that includes coursework in art, communication, history, philosophy religion. Students with a further interest in art, history and archival research may pair the Greek and Roman major or minor with a major in heritage and museum studies.

New Testament Greek

In you are interested in ministry or want to study the source, the department offers courses in New Testament Greek, the original language of the Bible.

Study What Interests You

The classics encompass an enormous variety of human endeavors: language, poetry, myth, history, philosophy, religion, archaeology, art and more.


Dr. Richard A. Gilmore

Professor, Philosophy Philosophy, Greek and Roman Studies, Pre-Law