Our music composition major helps students develop an understanding of composition as both a craft and an art – an understanding of how knowledge can guide inspiration.

Students interested in majoring in composition take private lessons, meet with other composers in a weekly master class, and have a recital component in their senior year. In addition, students have multiple opportunities each year to have their works performed, whether it is in the designated student composition recitals or other performance recitals that occur both on and off campus.

An audition is required for acceptance into the Composition program.

Why Study Composition at Concordia?

  • We are an undergraduate-focused program. This means that you will get close attention from our faculty and multiple opportunities to get direct feedback on your work.
  • The size of our program allows for students to build personal connections with faculty, leading to continued mentoring beyond graduation. 
  • The composition faculty at Concordia is active and has a wide range of musical interests including acoustic, electroacoustic, chamber, vocal, and orchestral music.  
  • Proven success: Many of our graduates have gone on to study at esteemed graduate schools and have a variety of successful careers in composition.

After Graduation

Students majoring in composition who complete the degree will have a portfolio that includes:

  • Solo works for various instruments
  • Vocal/choral works
  • Chamber pieces for small ensembles
  • Electroacoustic works
  • A work for a large ensemble
  • Collaborative works (with theater, film, art, etc.)

Guest Composers

Each year, Concordia brings acclaimed composers to campus. Guest composers talk about their works/creative process during the weekly master class and often give private lessons to composition students.

Electroacoustic Music at Concordia

At Concordia, students have the opportunity to study and compose electroacoustic music in classes and in private lessons. Concordia houses a 5.1 electroacoustic music studio where students can explore a variety of techniques, including scoring for film.

Circuit 721 Concert Series

The Circuit 721 concert series, which started in 2017, is a yearly recital that focuses on electroacoustic music from prominent composers (including faculty and alumni).

Natalie Fideler '19 on composition at Concordia

My process is so deeply rooted in composing things for a reason and, while those reasons may not always be earth-shatteringly important or revolutionary, I strive to give my audiences music that acts as food for thought... I love the way my education in the liberal arts can intersect so many ways to influence my art.

Music Composition Faculty