Exploration. Discovery. Travel. International business exists at the cross section of language and commerce, coupling a thirst for travel and business expertise. As an international business major, the world is at your fingertips. You can go on to work for an international corporation traveling to places like Paris, Tokyo or London, you can negotiate business deals in Russia, Greece or Brazil, or you can run a nonprofit in a developing nation. 

There are organizations around the world that need business knowledge, global awareness and strong, ethical leaders. Let the Offutt School of Business prepare you for your global future. 

Degree Requirements and Courses

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

12 credits from the following:

  • Approved elective, 3-4 credits

3 credits from the following:

  • Other approved elective

4 credits from the following supporting courses:

  • Approved Language courses, 4 credits

Study Abroad

Students are required to successfully complete at least one semester in an approved study abroad program, during which they must take:

  • At least one business or accounting class
  • OR 2 approved exploration seminars abroad
  • OR 1 approved May seminar abroad
    • AND 1 approved summer program abroad during which students must take at least one business or accounting class.

Language Requirement

Students will complete a language minor

OR 20 credits above course number 112 in more than one language. Several current programs have specific language requirements for internships and study abroad. Consult advisor about those expectations. Non-English native speaking foreign students will be required to fulfill the 20 credit language requirements by taking approved English and/or foreign language courses.

Recommended supporting courses (not required):

Optional concentrations for a major in international business (9 to 12 credits)


Marketing Concentration

Select 3 marketing electives from the following:

  • Other approved courses

Regional Studies Concentration: Europe

Select 3 regional studies electives from the following:

Regional Studies Concentration: Asia

Select 3 regional studies electives from the following:

Regional Studies Concentration: Latin America

Select 3 regional studies electives from the following:

Jackson Booth '20 on International Business

International business opens you to a whole world of career possibilities. Along with the focus in business, I'm learning about cultures around the world and how to use business to make an impact.

The Offutt School of Business Difference 

Students who love languages and business are the perfect fit for this interdisciplinary major. Our international business degree is extremely hands-on, providing real-world insight to the classroom setting. You’ll go beyond the textbook and experience new cultures firsthand. Students can study abroad at one of our partner universities, live with host families to immerse themselves in cross-cultural interaction and learn in-depth knowledge about global markets and international commerce.

Classes are designed to help you solve problems, work independently, think critically and prepare for new challenges and situations. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare you for global leadership.

Graduate Success

After graduation, plan on continuing your global exploration. Alumni have lived abroad and managed global countries overseas. Others work for companies like Microsoft or IBM and assist with their international operation. And others have attended international universities to complete their graduate studies. 

Global, Ethical, Entrepreneurial

Founded on the pillars of transformative leadership, global engagement, ethical decision-making, and an entrepreneurial mindset, the Offutt School of Business is dedicated to sending into society thoughtful and informed business leaders with a strong moral compass. Our students attend classes in a state-of-the-art facility and participate in cutting-edge curriculum that allows them to think critically and network globally.

Lora Stambolova '12 – Privacy Operations Specialist at Facebook

You do not have to have a STEM degree to be able to work in tech, which was a misconception I had for the longest time. The most important quality, in my opinion, is being proactive and anticipating the problems as opposed to reactively responding to them.

Carol M. Hedberg

Office Assistant for Budgets and Events Offutt School of Business (Office)