Whether you want to oversee business operations, dedicate your life to nonprofit work or help companies develop sustainable practices, you can prepare yourself for all your career goals as a business management major at Concordia College. 

Management involves mission and vision fulfillment, oversight of employees and expansion plans development. It takes critical thinking, ethical leadership and a versatile mindset, and the Offutt School of Business aims to provide you with those skills through a focused liberal arts curriculum.

The Offutt School of Business Difference

Earning a business degree with a concentration in management allows you to focus on the essential knowledge and abilities needed to successfully lead organizations in our current and future climate. You’ll learn core management skills such as strategic planning, goal development, organizational structure, leadership, motivation of employees and performance assessment.

Courses are highly interactive and engaging. Each management class will allow you to demonstrate management and leadership within the classroom. You can also take your education outside the classroom through internship and cooperative education opportunities. These experiences will prepare you for real-world application in your chosen career.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Required Courses

Additional Requirements

Recommended supporting courses:


Business majors must choose at least one concentration (12-23 credits)


Agribusiness Concentration

Agribusiness and Applied Economics (AGEC) courses are offered at NDSU. Concentration requires 14-18 credits:

6 credits from the following:

Agribusiness and Applied Economics (AGEC) courses are offered at North Dakota State University through the Tri-College University program.


Requires 12-13 credits:

6 credits from the following:

Finance Concentration

Requires 12-13 credits:

6-7 credits from the following:

Management Concentration

Requires 15-16 credits:

9 credits from the following:

3 credits from the following:

Marketing Concentration

Requires 15 credits:

6 credits from the following:

  • Approved Special Topic Marketing Courses

Alexa Merkens '19 on Her RedHawks Internship

When I first thought of doing an internship I immediately pictured an office job, which is something I didn’t want to do. However, being able to work at a baseball stadium in the summer is something I never even thought of.

Graduate Success

Management is important and has broad applications across a variety of industries and organization types. You can work for a for-profit corporation, government agency or a nonprofit company. Graduates have gone on to run family businesses, specialize in human resources management and hold leadership positions in a number of businesses of varying sizes. Other potential opportunities include management consulting, business analysis, training, sales, banking and entrepreneurship.

Our graduates have also used their management concentration to set the groundwork for their next career step. This has included law school, medical school and seminary. Through the management program at Concordia, you will be prepared to face the dynamic climate of today's professional environment in all aspects.

Global, Ethical, Entrepreneurial

Founded on the pillars of transformative leadership, global engagement, ethical decision-making, and an entrepreneurial mindset, the Offutt School of Business is dedicated to sending into society thoughtful and informed business leaders with a strong moral compass. Our students attend classes in a state-of-the-art facility and participate in cutting-edge curriculum that allows them to think critically and network globally.


Carol M. Hedberg

Office Assistant for Budgets and Events Offutt School of Business (Office)