Catch Up or Get Ahead: Summer 2021

  • Both in-person and online courses
  • Core, major and elective classes including some summer only classes  
  • Varied class formats ranging from one month to all summer

Be sure to visit with your academic advisor about summer school options. 

Why Summer School?

  • Graduate early
  • Add a second major, minor, or concentration
  • Take unique courses not available during the school year
  • Take a prerequisite so you have more course options during the school year
  • Complete your online classes from anywhere

Full Summer School Schedule

2021 Summer School Special Offerings

These special topics classes are designed to provide special opportunities to study race and racism through a variety of lenses and are being offered at half the normal summer tuition rate ($410 per credit).  Reach out to the course instructor if you have any questions about the course they teach.

Registration for these four courses is open to anyone interested, including alumni and community members.

Special Course Details

Fulfill Core Requirements 

A number of summer classes can be taken to fulfill core requirements. The complete set of core classes can be searched on the full summer schedule on Banner.

Important Dates

  • Registration begins: April 8
  • First Summer Term: May 10–June 4
  • Second Summer Term: June 7–July 2
  • Third Summer Term: July 19–Aug. 13
  • Two-Month Summer Term: May 10–July 2
  • Full Summer Term: May 3–Aug. 13

Tuition: $820 per credit

Summer School Housing

Summer housing will be available in Bogstad Manor and Bogstad East at a monthly rate of $500.  A per night rate will also be an option. The housing application for summer will be live on March 1 with a deadline to submit by April 16.

Summer Housing

Summer School for All

Not a current student? You can take summer school courses at Concordia even if you are not seeking a degree. Non-current students can work with the Admission Office to activate their status as a student by completing the non-degree seeking application form for summer enrollment.

Accelerated Courses

Check with the course instructor for specific information regarding start and finish dates for accelerated classes.

Online Courses

Check with the course instructor for specific information regarding the online nature of the class.


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