When it comes to building your list of possible colleges during the first part of your search, a great place to start is with the people you talk to every day at your school and in your social circles.

Some great people to connect with when you're gathering your list of possible colleges could be:

  • Your school counselor
  • A coach or music director
  • Someone from your church
  • Your teachers
  • Your supervisor at work
  • Someone who works in your field of interest

Even if someone on your list isn't an expert on colleges, they can still be a huge help when it comes to building your list of "maybes." Your guidance counselor and teachers have watched hundreds of students make a list of colleges. If they know you well, both as a person and a student, they'll also have an idea about what you might like to study in college and give you an idea of what schools might be a good match for you. If you're looking into specific programs or areas of study, chances are your teachers will know which schools have good reputations.

Here are some steps to take toward achieving your goals:

  • Schedule a regular meeting with your school counselor and plan out your junior year classes
  • Ask someone who works in your field of interest to be your mentor
  • Talk to your coaches, conductors, pastors and teachers about finding the right college fit

If you have any specific questions about a college you're looking at, your best bet is to contact an admission rep at that school. 

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