Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ph.D., English Literature with a minor in History, University of North Dakota
M.A. and B.A., English Literature with minor in History, North Dakota State University

My work lies at the intersections of literature, gender, and race, though I’m interested in all of the identities that humans hold and how those identities affect what and how we read. The questions I often ask my students are: Whose stories get told? Who gets to tell them? and Who decides? These questions are important because they ask us to consider who controls the narratives that help form our ideas about people. Mainly though, I want to help my students love reading, claim their voice in their writing, and become agents of change in this world.


"Women Who Should Be Pretty Pissed Off," a monthly series for McSweeney's Internet Tendency


Dr. Amy Watkin

Professor, English Academy – 309