Dr. Mona Ibrahim

Professor of Psychology Psychology, Master of Education

Graduate Training

Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Michigan State University

Courses Taught

Educational Psychology, Psychology and Culture, Research Methods, Behavior Modification, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Senior Seminar, Psychological Assessment, Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Gender, and other courses

Selected Grants Received

Interfaith Youth Core-Educator Curriculum Award, APS Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science, Henry Luce Foundation Grant, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates Grant, Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Sustainability Education Grant, Wikimedia Foundation Grant, Mellon Foundation ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program, Gerhart Center for Philanthropy at the American University in Cairo Grant, Dovre Center for Faith and Learning Grant, Global Learning International Program Grant, Lutheran Academy of Scholars Summer Seminar, Concordia Language Villages Grant, Thrivent Teaching Toward Informed Citizenship Grant, Concordia College’s Strategic Initiatives Grant, Centennial Scholars Summer Research Grant, NIH Training Institute on Aging Research Grant

Scholarly Interests

My research interests focus on the impact of educational experiences such as immersion language programs, study abroad, and community-based learning on the development of empathy, sense of community, intercultural sensitivity, and global perspectives. I also work as the evaluator for several NSF grants at Concordia College. I enjoy presenting research with my undergraduate research collaborators at various conferences every year. Some of our favorite annual conferences to present at include the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, the Society for the Teaching of Psychology conference, the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference, the Lilly Conference on Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning, and the Association for Psychological Science Conference.

Family and Hobbies

I emigrated from Egypt to the USA with my husband in 1988. We have three children and one foster grandchild. I love to hike, swim, bike, cook, and crochet.


Dr. Mona Ibrahim

Professor of Psychology ISC – 118