Dwight Mickelson

Adjunct Instructor, 3D/Sculpture Art

I have always been interested in nature and our relationship to it. My art considers the forms, hidden stories, or human characteristics of natural objects. Currently, I’m experimenting with found, natural objects and hybridizing them with human-made forms to create sculptures in bronze, wood, leather, plaster, and other media. 

My teaching is another facet of my life that I regard in terms of the artistic process. I enjoy creating new projects with each class in mind. Various student personalities and interests inspire new ways of creating and understanding within the studio. I believe it’s important to find the intersections where a student’s intuitive sense of creating meets the world of art, material, and concept as we know it in the 21st century.


Dwight Mickelson

Adjunct Instructor, 3D/Sculpture Olin – 106