Topics for reflection include faith, life, justice, meaning, ethics, vocation, theology, service, hope, mystery, spirituality and peace-building.

The Forum on Faith and Life aims to foster a deeper, more compassionate understanding of one another and our life together, in defiance of traditional boundaries and stereotypes that often hinder authentic relationship.

The Forum creates exciting local and global opportunities for genuine encounter and transformative conversations with the intrafaith and interfaith neighbor.

The Forum on Faith and Life fosters:

  • thoughtful and informed reflection on issues of ultimacy
  • transformative conversations
  • opportunities for genuine encounter with the intra- and interfaith neighbor
  • a deeper, more compassionate understanding of one another

Interdisciplinary Interfaith Studies Minor

Concordia's interdisciplinary interfaith studies minor - one of the first and only degree of its kind nationwide - complements any major. Whatever carreer path students pursue - business, health care, social work, or education, among others - the minor gives students the curcial knowledge and skills needed to engage a religiously diverse world.

Better Together

Concordia's chapter of Better Together works to cultivate interfaith relationships within the college and the broader community in order to create a more just and humane world through service and dialogue.


Forum on Faith and Life