We're looking forward to welcoming students to campus June 22-29, 2024, for the Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir to take up our mission of bringing faith-based musical and concert experiences to singers and audiences all around the state!

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Dr. Michael Culloton (artistic director), Greta Nelson (assistant conductor/dean of students), Andrew Steinberg (piano/organ), and Pastor Simon Fensom (camp chaplain), along with college-aged section leaders will lead MASLC.

History of Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir

The Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir was founded by Mark Aamot in 1969 and, during its 50 years, members have performed in approximately 150 churches throughout the state. For the past 26 years, Dr. Thomas Rossin has conducted and guided the ensemble and more than 1,450 alumni singers.

The Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir was seeking a new home and its mission was a perfect match for Concordia College. Dr. Michael Culloton serves as the artistic director.

High school students from all over the country (and from any faith background) are invited to audition for the 50 voice choir. In June, the choir assembles at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn. There the singers participate in many days of rehearsal, spiritual reflection, discussions about the meaning of the texts they will be singing on the tour, and social activities on campus and in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

The concept of the choir is based on a belief that young people, through the medium of choral music, can have a spiritual experience and express their faith through singing.

The program has two main goals: the first is to provide young people with a quality musical and spiritual experience. Rehearsals are the main activity of the camp, and it is through these rehearsals, the related devotions, and small group discussions that the students grow in their faith. The belief that the sensitivity and language of music can foster such an atmosphere for growth has been proven beyond our greatest expectations. The camp, however, is only the beginning.

The concert tour which follows (the second goal) provides the realization of our work. The enthusiasm for quality music is transferred from the choir to the congregations visited on tour. Part of each concert is a congregational hymn-sing in which the choir members sing among the congregation, joining in the hymns of the church, old and new. The choir hopes to convey to congregations the joy of involvement in music during worship.