Concordia expands healthcare leadership program

Healthcare leadership is a field with hundreds of job opportunities and, starting in Fall 2024, Concordia College is catering even more to those interested in the field with the addition of a healthcare leadership minor.

The HCL minor, offered through the Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions, is geared toward students on health professions tracks who are also interested in management or leadership opportunities within the field. With a focus on the business side of healthcare, this minor also welcomes students from various other disciplines.

From health facility managers to hospital directors of development, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the employment of healthcare leadership positions is projected to increase by 28% in the next eight years. Through the healthcare leadership minor, Concordia is providing students with the resources necessary to engage in the field. 

Within this new minor, students will benefit from thorough healthcare education focused on skills such as administration, teamwork and collaboration, and problem-solving. Students will participate in a mixture of learning techniques, including in-class lectures, hands-on experiences, and community engagement opportunities.

Faculty within the healthcare leadership program cite the new minor as having “the potential to provide a powerful interdisciplinary education opportunity for students to wrestle with the challenges facing our healthcare industry today.”

The HCL minor is designed to equip students with a foundation in healthcare ethics, management principles, and effective communication, preparing them to be a successful member of the interdisciplinary team.

Students who major in healthcare leadership can choose concentrations in healthcare administration, healthcare financial management, and long-term care administration.

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