Concordia honors retirees

Front row (from left): President Colin Irvine, Pamela Miller, Laura Probst, Rebecca Anderson. Middle row (from left): John Phelps, Cindy Larson-Casselton, Ellen Aho, Linda Brown. Back row (from left): George Connell, Kimberly Kappes, Carol Hedberg, Susan Ellingson.

Nineteen members of the faculty and staff retired during the 2023-24 academic year and were celebrated at the Spring Appreciation event. They have a combined total of 503 years of service to Concordia College.

A summary on each retiree can be found at 2024 Concordia College Retiree Appreciation.

Honored retirees include:

Ellen Aho, Biology, 34 years

Rebecca Anderson, Bookstore, 20 years

Linda Brown, Finance, 39 years

George Connell, Philosophy, 38 years

Susan Ellingson, Education, 36 years

Carol Hedberg, Offutt School of Business, 11 years

Kimberly Kappes, Communications and Marketing, 22 years

Cindy Larson-Casselton, Communication Studies and Theatre Art, 36 years

Matthew Lindholm, Sociology, 23 years

Duane Melquist, Dining Services, 33 years

Pamela Miller, Admission, 20 years

Kevin Morehead, Facilities Management, 35 years

John Phelps, Print Shop, 20 years

Laura Probst, Library, 11 years

Corrine Rude, Concordia Language Villages & Finance, 11 years

Christine Schulze, Concordia Language Villages, 41 years

Warren Schulze, Concordia Language Villages, 19 years

Scott Swedberg, Facilities Management, 28 years

Heather Vick, Concordia Language Villages, 26 years

Unable to attend the event (from left): Matthew Lindholm, Duane Melquist, Corrine Rude, Christine Schulze, Warren Schulze, Scott Swedberg, Heather Vick. Not pictured: Kevin Morehead