Concordia introduces three new cybersecurity programs Fall 2024

Cybersecurity is a growing topic of concern as society becomes more digitized each year.

With data breaches occurring on a regular basis and scammers trolling the internet, there is a significant need for highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. These experts play a vital role in securing and protecting systems, as well as educating individuals on how to stay safe and vigilant while online.

Positions are available and needed in every city, state, and region in the country. According to Rize Education, unemployment is 0% in cybersecurity careers, with 35% job growth predicted over the next decade.

Starting in the fall of 2024, Concordia College will be offering a cybersecurity administration minor and a cybersecurity concentration in both the business and computer science majors. 

Both concentrations ensure students explore the many perspectives of stakeholders in the field and include technical lab exercises and guest speakers. 

“By pursuing a degree in cybersecurity, students not only position themselves for rewarding careers in a high-demand field but also play a crucial role in safeguarding the digital infrastructure of organizations worldwide against cyber threats,” said Dr. Ahmed Kamel, professor of computer science. 

This new concentration within the business major provides students a path to focus on systems and network security in a business environment. Across industries, jobs have opened in business-focused roles that require less programming knowledge, and a greater understanding of systems, structures, threats, and opportunities. 

The cybersecurity concentrations will be taught in a hybrid format. Four courses will be taught on campus and two taught online through Rize Education. 

“Cybersecurity requires students to learn something new every day; without a genuine curiosity and love for continued self-learning fostered by the liberal arts, students will quickly stagnate and become irrelevant in the fight to secure computer systems and digital data,” said Dr. Damian Lampl, assistant professor of computer science.

The new concentration in cybersecurity in the computer science major will prepare students for careers that require more technical programming skills than the other cybersecurity programs. 

“Concordia’s cybersecurity concentration will prepare students with the interdisciplinary and lifelong learning skills necessary to adapt, evolve, and successfully navigate an ever-changing technology landscape,” Lampl said.

The cybersecurity administration minor focuses on using tools to secure computer systems, applications, and networks, without writing code and is available to complete with any major, including the business and computer science cybersecurity concentrations.

The cybersecurity administration courses are taught online in partnership with Rize Education.

Learn more about cybersecurity at Concordia.