College students love pizza. I know, I know, everyone loves pizza, but college students really love pizza. As such, I’d like to welcome you to join me on a tour through some highlights of Fargo-Moorhead’s pizza scene.

There are nearly 50 restaurants solely dedicated to perfecting pizzacraft in Moorhead, Dilworth, Fargo, and West Fargo, and many more if you include restaurants that have pizza on the menu. With such an abundance of choices, I couldn’t possibly put together a ranked list. Call me a sentimentalist, but I believe every pizza place in the Fargo-Moorhead area is its own one-of-a-kind experience that should be celebrated for its unique contribution to our pizza ecosystem. Without further ado, let’s begin our pizza expedition.

A True Moorhead Original: Duane’s

I have to admit I had no idea where to begin our voyage through the Red River Valley’s finest pizza pies. I was completely stuck. In fact, I was close to giving up. Then, out of nowhere, I heard the words of a famous Minnesotan ringing in my ear: “There’s no place like home.” That’s certainly true for Duane’s House of Pizza, which first fired up its pizza oven in Moorhead back in 1959. Over the years, Duane’s expanded and opened two new locations in Fargo, but Duane’s has remained a staple in Moorhead, treasured for its atmosphere and classic pies, served up fresh.

The New Kid on the Block: Brewtus

Brewtus’ Brickhouse opened its doors in Moorhead in 2016 and has quickly garnered a reputation for serving some of the best authentic New York-style slices on either side of the Red River (with a second location in West Fargo). Cooking up specialty pizzas like the Brickhouse Porkster and Artichoke Spinach Chicken Alfredo, Brewtus’ hasn’t wasted any time in declaring themselves a worthy stop on the region’s mozzarella circuit.

Quick Slice Downtown: Spicy Pie

Located in the heart of downtown Fargo, Spicy Pie is the perfect place to grab a quick slice of delicious ’za. With the Fargo Theatre, Sandy’s Donuts, and Zandbroz Variety and Bookstore all less than a block away, it’s a thriving hub for college students taking advantage of a wide selection at a wallet-friendly price.

Best Atmosphere: Rhombus Guys

From its humble beginnings as a traveling smoothie stand to the casual, carefree atmosphere it’s now famous for, Rhombus Guys is an essential stop on our tour of F-M’s finest slices. Renowned for its inventive and delicious pizzas like the Louisiana Saturday Night and the Gouda-Bye Billy, Rhombus is among downtown Fargo’s most popular hangouts.

Pizza That’s Worth the Trip: MacKenzie River

If I’ve set out to do anything, it’s to prove that any pizza is worth any trip, but I understand that life has limitations. If you’re like me and willing to go the extra mile for great tasting pizza, however, MacKenzie River is well worth the jaunt to its West Fargo location. Not only does MacKenzie River make a commitment to serving up great pizza at a reasonable cost, but it’s also committed to supporting and advocating for sustainable causes.

Most Midwest: Ole & Lena’s

Since we’re in West Fargo already, let’s drop by a one-of-a-kind pizza place: Ole & Lena’s Pizzeria. Ole & Lena’s opened under new ownership at its current location in West Fargo in 2019 and didn’t waste any time serving up slices with Midwestern twists. With toppings that include Midwest staples like tater tot hotdish and mac & cheese, Ole & Lena’s takes comfort food to a whole new level. No need for all you pizza traditionalists to worry – Ole & Lena’s makes the classic pizza styles too.

Closest to Campus: Pizza Patrol

Situation: It’s late. You’re in the Carl B. working on a group project. To power through the final details of the project, you need pizza and you need it fast. You ask yourself: “What’s the closest pizza place?”

I looked at the distance of the routes from each pizza location to the library and with only 1 minute and 56 seconds of travel time needed to deliver a pizza, Pizza Patrol was the clear winner.

Best Overall: Rustica

Well, here we are. We’ve sure had a blast on our journey through the highlights of the Fargo-Moorhead pizza scene, haven’t we? Though we’ve had some fun – and dare I say learned some things – this journey must come to an end. I can think of no better place to wrap up our tour than the restaurant I think best exemplifies the superb pizzacraft our region has to offer.

Rustica reopened in 2019 under new management, yet has maintained the same excellent service and quality it’s been known for. With a menu crafted to fit the season to use as many fresh, locally sourced ingredients as possible, there’s only one winner who can be crowned the best pizza place in the F-M area: Moorhead’s own Rustica.