Tyrell Setness ’21, Fargo, N.D.
Major: Political Science

Please tell us about yourself.

I am a local student and grew up in Fargo. I am interested in many things, a few being art, education, and traveling. I’ve had a very fortunate life with ample amounts of opportunities and experiences. I’ve been able to travel around the United States with my family and made a lot of friends along the way, so I would have to say that I am an amalgamation of all the people I’ve known and grown up with. Every life event up until now has shaped me into the person I am today.

Why did you choose Concordia and what are the benefits of staying close to home?

I chose Concordia because I was given the opportunity to play basketball while also having the ability to pick from a large range of majors. The benefits of being close to home are that you know where everything is and you can share with all of your out of town friends how to get around.

What are you involved in at Concordia?

I am involved in a few things on campus. I am a part of the basketball team, the track and field team, as well as Student Government Association (SGA).

Being involved in so many activities has its challenges. What is your advice for balancing multiple commitments?

Depending on what you’re involved in can make things more or less difficult. Being in basketball, track and field, and SGA is unique because the seasons are spread out for sports and SGA is specifically designed to be accommodating to students for their involvement. My advice for balancing all of your activities would be to understand the time commitments for them and get a planner to organize your schedule hour by hour.

How did you become interested in pursuing art?

I have always been interested in art as a hobby and it’s something that I’ve done since I was a kid. I’ve always loved to draw and I enjoy building random things. Creating art has been something I’ve always just done.

What specifically do you love creating?

I like making anything. Sculptures are the coolest to make while pottery is the most soothing and calming. Drawings and paintings are more detail-oriented which is fun, especially when you are trying to make an expressive piece.

You’ve had the opportunity to create a few pieces throughout Fargo-Moorhead. Can you tell us about those works?

I had the opportunity to create a mural downtown at Fort Noks Bar of Gold and another piece for Trilogy Real Estate, which was a simpler project of painting the logo on the inside of their new office building. The Fort Noks piece was a three-month project total, with a month of planning and two months of painting leading into the fall. The project was done with my friend Liz Kieffer. She and I talked with Fort Noks management to see what they would like on the mural – graffiti, Fargo/colleges, and beer were the key components to incorporate into the letters of “FT. NOKS.”

What are your dreams going forward after Concordia?

I want to move to Seattle and go to law school. I hope to one day be a civil rights attorney and become involved with educational policy. I want to attend the University of Seattle because it has a great law school with plenty of options, so it gives me time to decide which discipline is the best fit for my interests and skill set.

Published October 2020

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