Caffeine seems to be an absolute necessity in our crazy world full of constant to-do lists and grueling eight-hour shifts. Luckily, the Fargo-Moorhead area has plenty of local and chain coffee shops that will satisfy your coffee cravings and delight your taste buds. I can’t say there is a particular location that beats all of the others because each one of them is just so yummy and delightful. Check them all out!

Babbs Coffee House Fargo Interior

Babb’s Coffee House

604 Main Ave., Fargo

The environment is low-key, comfortable, and perfect for a casual cup of joe with a friend. Babb’s is what’s considered “a taste of Seattle” in the F-M area. Their coffee beans are imported from Seattle every week, providing a refreshing and northwestern aroma. Popular choices at Babb’s include the Blackberry Lavender Mocha and the Pistachio Mocha. If you really love pistachios (like me), you could also try out the pistachio muffins. There are lots of comfy chairs, so grab a friend, sit down and get your Instagram ready to snap a pic of your pretty latte. 

Third Drop Coffee

Third Drop Coffee

115 4th St. S., Moorhead
111 Broadway, Fargo

Third Drop Coffee (formerly Moxie Java) is a local favorite of Moorhead college students, located just a few minutes down Fourth Street. It offers a cozy environment with a warm fireplace, a cute boutique area, and plenty of chairs and tables so students can chat, study, or simply enjoy the comfort of a mocha, Third Drop’s most popular beverage. I’ll let you in on a cool secret too – this mocha has real chocolate milk in it, not that powdery stuff! The owners strive for authenticity, which explains why their baked goods are made fresh every single morning.


610 University N., Fargo – Coming soon!

Stumbeano’s recently relocated from downtown Fargo to inside the Fargo Brewing Company a few blocks away. It’s considered a hidden gem due to its location but, once discovered, it’ll be one of your favorite spots. The most popular drink is the Cafe Miel, a cinnamon and honey flavored coffee mixed with milk. It’s delicious and can be served hot or cold, depending on the season. If the weather’s forgiving, you can soak in the sun by sitting on the patio and sip the goodness that Stumbeano’s has to offer.

Students at Atomic Coffee

Atomic Coffee 

222 Broadway, Fargo

What makes Atomic Coffee distinct is definitely their open spaces. Large windows overlook Broadway, providing lots of natural light, and there are plenty of seats to choose from. Atomic also has a meeting room that students or businesses can reserve in advance. Do you have a group project? Go ahead and reserve it. Need to meet up for a book club? Perfect. Rest assured that you can keep yourself caffeinated while still hanging out with others in Atomic Coffee’s casual setting. Check out artwork by a local artist featured in the shop each month. Try the sweet lemonades or an activated charcoal mocha. 

Twenty Below Coffee Co.

14 Roberts St., Fargo
600 8th St. S., Moorhead – Now open! 

Twenty Below is known for community building. Services are closed noon-1 p.m. to have a community lunch where everyone is welcome to eat, drink and socialize. It’s a good deal because they offer their own coffee and a toast buffet that adds up to just $3. If you hit up the community lunch on a Friday, everything will be served potluck style. How sweet is that? If you’re planning on staying put at Twenty Below, they’ll offer your drinks in cute glassware like mason jars and adorable mugs. As far as their menu is concerned, you have to check out the mochas and hot chocolate. They’re so good. Pair that with the delicious waffles and you’ll be set. Don’t worry – they have gluten-free options too.

Young Blood Coffee Exterior

Young Blood Coffee Co.

623 2nd Ave N., Fargo

Young Blood Coffee recently opened its new location in downtown Fargo and it has been a huge hit ever since. Arguably the Fargo-Moorhead spot that is most often posted about on Instagram, Young Blood’s aesthetic is open, bright and hip. There isn’t a bad angle. The beans are roasted by the owners themselves and provide a fresh and local taste in the artisanal coffee. In my opinion, this shop sells the best toast in the area because it’s thick, homemade and fresh. It’s baked every day and there are a variety of toppings to choose from – like an avocado spread that’s topped with microgreens, tomato, and vegan cream cheese and my personal favorite, strawberry jam, and almond butter. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! It pairs nicely with any beverage, especially the Angeleno, which is a creamy drink with agave syrup, almond milk and a double shot of espresso.

Beans Coffee Bar

201 5th St. N., Fargo
2550 S. University Drive, Fargo
5675 26th Ave S., Fargo

As soon as you walk into Beans Coffee Bar, the aroma of freshly baked donuts will envelop your senses. A neat quirk about this business is that with every hot beverage you order, Beans will give you a free mini donut that sits on top of your coffee lid. It’s the perfect mix of coffee and sweets. The atmosphere at Beans will fill you with positivity, from the inspirational quotes lining the walls, the Bean of Light quote that changes daily, plenty of cute decor and cheery staff. Check out Beans Coffee Bar at their new downtown location and two other locations in Fargo.

Published February 2020