Concordia offers a variety of spaces on campus that are perfect for study sessions and group projects, but sometimes you want a change of scenery to stimulate creativity or step into a fresh mindset. Consider checking out one of these businesses in the Fargo-Moorhead area the next time you schedule a study session or meet with members of a student org. Pro tip: Call ahead to check availability.

Small Group Study Sessions | 2-4 people

Beans Coffee Bar

201 5th St. N., Fargo
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Good coffee, a casual ambiance, and floods of natural lighting make Beans Coffee Bar an optimal location for Cobbers to study together. Plus, it’s only a 10-minute bike ride from campus. When you’re there, be sure to order Beans’ iconic mini donuts, as they, when paired with an espresso drink, are a tried-and-true combination that will fuel (and caffeinate) your study session.

Steep Me a Cup of Tea

5498 51st Ave. S., Fargo

If coffee isn’t your preferred method of caffeine, check out Steep Me a Cup of Tea. With more than 100 different kinds of teas to choose from, rest assured that you will find the perfect blend to accompany your study session. In addition to its wide array of teas, Steep Me’s peaceful atmosphere and quaint seating arrangements make it the perfect place to meet up with a friend from class to go over some flashcards before an exam or make the finishing touches on a group presentation.

Fit Republic

21 4th St. S., Moorhead

If your study group likes to multitask, head to Fit Republic on your lunch break. The tea and protein shake combos make for a quick, hassle-free meal, and the multipurpose hangout area, The Den, is a college student’s dream study space. The Den’s comfy couches, spacious tables, and individual desks make Fit Republic a great spot to chill, enjoy a shake, and grind out some homework during the middle of a busy day.

Casual Group Gatherings | 4-6 people


402 N. Broadway, Fargo

Fresh New York-style bagels and free refills on coffee make BernBaum’s a fantastic location for a breakfast or brunch rendezvous. The Scandinavian-inspired menu also features sandwiches, soups, and salads, making it a great spot for a casual meetup later in the day as well. Who says bagels are confined only to the breakfast food category? In addition to its tasty menu, BernBaum’s laid-back atmosphere, spacious booths, and large amounts of tablespace make it a quintessential location to meet up with a book club or study group.

Wild Terra Cider

6 12th St. N., Fargo

If you’re looking to host a more relaxed meetup, check out Wild Terra, a hotspot near downtown Fargo. With a wide selection of house ciders and wines, those who are 21+ have the option to try out unique beverages and expand their palettes. After placing an order, your group can kick back on a couch upstairs, get down to business at a handcrafted wooden table downstairs, or sit outside and enjoy the sunlight during warmer months. Pro tip: Order some hummus and veggies or a Midwest street taco to go along with your beverage and you’ll be all set to have a fantastic meetup.

Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Café

13 8th St. S., Fargo

Treat yourself and schedule your next club meeting at Nichole’s Fine Pastry. Nichole’s selection of gourmet, Instagram-worthy desserts are guaranteed to satisfy your group’s sweet tooth and make your meeting all the more delightful. Moreover, it’s only 2 miles from campus, providing your group with the perfect reason to go out for a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake, cannolis, or a fruit tart.

Business Meetings | 6+ people

Prairie Den

122 1/2 N. Broadway, Fargo

Located in the heart of downtown Fargo, the Prairie Den is a chic location to conduct a business meeting in a professional setting. With vibrant local art adorning the walls, free coffee, and gigabit internet, the Den is an ideal setting to get your creative juices flowing. Standing desks, a podcast studio, and conference rooms that hold 10-25 people give the Prairie Den the ability to accommodate a host of various-sized groups and meeting agendas.

Regus North Dakota Brandt Office Park

3523 45th St. S., Fargo

Located within a business park near both I-29 and I-94, Regus North Dakota Brandt Office Park is a highly accessible option to host your next business meeting. With multipurpose meeting rooms, business lounges, and the option to customize the layout of your space, this flexible office park is designed to cater to the needs of your group. Whiteboards, markers, projectors, and AV equipment are also provided, making Brandt Office Park a great location to collaborate with your team whether you’re looking to casually brainstorm ideas, showcase projects, or conduct business affairs. Note: The office kitchen is fully stocked, but there is a fee to book a meeting room.