Brenna Mjoness ’22, Moorhead
Major: Business Marketing

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Brenna Mjoness and I am originally from Moorhead. I am currently majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. I also play for the women’s hockey team here at Concordia.

Why did you choose to stay in Moorhead and to attend Concordia?

I chose to stay in Moorhead and attend Concordia because I wanted my family to be able to watch me play college hockey and many family members have told me how much they loved Concordia when they attended. Concordia has a family-like community, which made it an easy transition from high school to college.

How did you decide on your major?

I knew that I always had a passion for business, but I never knew in what field. Spring semester of my freshman year, I decided to go with my gut and choose marketing because I love the social aspect of it.

What are your interests outside of academics?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends whether it’s at a hockey rink or watching a movie. I also enjoy crafting in my free time and being outdoors.

How has COVID-19 impacted you as a student-athlete?

COVID-19 has impacted my life as a student-athlete tremendously. Normally, we would have started practicing and traveling for hockey games on the weekend last semester, but we were unable to hold practices and the winter sports season was pushed back until February. However, it has given me more time to focus and grow my small business.

What is unique about the student-athlete experience at Concordia?

The student-athlete experience here at Concordia, especially as a member of the Cobber women’s hockey team, is incredible. This year, we have never been closer. With COVID-19 and everything else, we have been more supportive and caring to one another. We talk every day, checking up on everyone and when we could practice with one another, it would be the highlight of my day.

What motivated you to start your business and what have you learned?

I truly enjoy crafting and have always wanted my own small business. With COVID-19, I was able to do that. I realized that masks were in high demand, so I learned how to make them using my sewing machine and watching hours of YouTube videos. I started selling them on Etsy and through word of mouth, then added multiple new products to my shop such as scrunchies, stickers, custom cups, and Be Kind clothing to spread a little kindness in these hard times. My business has grown so much since I started and I recently reached 1,000 sales, which is a huge honor for me. I have found a true passion in owning a small business and will continue running it online and having pop-up shops. I have learned many different aspects ranging from managing my time to handling my expenses. Looking back to this spring, I would sew until 3 a.m. while still attending online classes and completing assignments.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the joy I see on my customers’ faces when they receive their orders. The kind words that my customers send me constantly put a smile on my face and to know that my products could bring so much joy to them makes my heart melt.

How do you balance academics, cocurriculars, and your business?

When it comes to balancing everything, I try to create a schedule. I plan out my week every Sunday showing when I have my classes and my practices/lifting, and a couple of hours a day to spend time with friends and family. I also schedule time to do homework based on the syllabus that I received from my professors and, after that, I use the extra time I have left dedicated to my business.

In what ways has Concordia helped you grow?

Concordia has helped me grow in many aspects from time management to my finances. I have learned more about myself by attending Concordia than I would have attended somewhere else. Concordia has always given me love and support in multiple ways and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have had here for anything else. Because Concordia has smaller classes, I have been able to get to know my professors on a personal level. I feel more comfortable bringing up my business in class and how it relates to the topics we may be learning than if I had gone to a larger college.

Have you had a favorite professor or class?

My favorite professor is Dr. Streed, who taught my Principles of Marketing and Sales course this past semester. Dr. Streed has opened my eyes to the different possibilities that consumers may look at when it comes to businesses and their products.

What do you love most about Concordia?

What I love about Concordia is how supportive and kind everyone is. When walking on campus, there are constant smiles and waves being directed toward you, which creates a personal bond whether it be professors or students.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

The advice I would give to a prospective student is to make sure you make time for yourself. In the midst of all the chaos of academics and your other activities, make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your well-being. Try not to have your plate constantly full and overly stress yourself about the little things because, in the end, it will all work out on its own.

What’s next for you?

I hope to keep doing my business, Brenna M & Co, full time. After graduation in spring 2022, I hope to be able to open up a storefront for my business and continue to expand while also pursuing it full time.

Would you like to add anything else?

One thing that I would like to add is for anyone wanting to start a business to just do it. You will never know how much support and success you will have if you don’t take the leap. Make sure to always have faith in yourself and to know that others grow faster than some. Don’t compare yourself to others and just simply do you.

Published January 2021