Allie Holt ’20, Spokane, Wash.
Major/Minors: Communication Studies; Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies

How did you hear about Concordia?

My grandparents actually told me that I should go to Concordia. They are big Christmas concert fans and they wanted me to check it out. I wasn’t initially considering Concordia because I wanted to attend a large university, but then I went to see my grandparents in Wisconsin and we decided to visit Concordia. I am glad I’m here and that I gave it a chance.

What advice would you give to a student who is from a different state?

Reach out to other people who are from different states. Find people who are from the area or the state and take advantage of that. They can show you new places and you can form relationships with them. I have met so many different types of people just by leaving my comfort zone. I am so glad I went to college in a different state – I actually encourage other people to do so as well. People have always been wonderful in helping me acclimate to Minnesota. Also, telling people I am from Washington is a fun conversation starter.

What lessons have you learned as a Cobber?

There are so many. One thing I have learned is how to reach out to people when I need help. I am so much better now at reaching out to friends, professors, anybody. That is a skill I didn’t have before, but I am grateful for it now. Also, I have realized that we are all human and that everybody is equal. I remind myself that even if I am nervous to talk to someone that we are all the same. My confidence has grown so much in these past four years.

What are you involved in on campus?

I have been in the choir all four years and I love it. This year, I am in The Concordia Choir and I have made so many new friendships through that opportunity. In addition to that, I am one of three student interns in the Women’s and Gender Studies program.

But my favorite activity that I have been involved in for the past four years that has inspired me to go into the field I want to work in is CEC. I joined the Campus Events Commission on a whim my freshman year and I love it with my whole heart. I sincerely wish I could do CEC things all day. I want to be an event planner because of it. As the CEC Showcase commissioner, I organize artists, comedians, and performers who come to campus. Honestly, I love having their numbers in my phone. Every time I schedule and organize an event with a performer, it makes me feel like I made a new friend.

What do you think is special about the Concordia community and experience?

One thing I love about Concordia is how much people love to hug – it is genuinely one of my favorite aspects. Along with that, the professors are the best. I love how much they encourage students to dabble in a lot of different areas on campus to help us grow our interests. I have never been put in a box here and I have been able to grow so much because of that.

Published April 2020