You’ll run into Cobbers in cafés in Brazil or climbing the Great Wall of China. You may even meet Cobbers you’ve heard about during your time on campus. The college promotes the Cobber Network as a distinguishing factor that makes Concordia stand out above the rest. The best part of this? It’s all true.

The Cobber Network is expansive – there are more than 30,000 Cobbers around the world and so many of them are willing to help out fellow Cobbers. Whether with a job shadowing experience or a place to stay in a new city, Cobbers step up and take care of their own. That’s the beauty of going to a small, close-knit college: you get to utilize this family for the rest of your life.


One of my favorite examples of utilizing the Cobber Network was with two classmates – Steph ’13 and Kelsey ’13. After graduation, these two ladies decided to move to Portland, Ore. Moving to a new city can be nerve-wracking, but these two connected with another Cobber family out west. Joyce ’63 and her husband took Steph and Kelsey in as their own, offered them a place to stay as they found an apartment and jobs, showed them around the city, and served as their support system during this time of transition. These three women stayed connected throughout their time in Portland and, for the past few years, have hosted Cobber events together for other Concordia grads in the area. This is just one example of the power of the Cobber Network, but these situations happen every day.

Whether you’re planning on moving to a new city or looking for career advice, using the Cobber Network can be easy. Here are a few ways you can unlock the full potential of your Cobber connections:

Finding a job


The Career Center works closely with many of our alumni out in the “real world” and offers a variety of programs to help prepare you for life post-graduation. From the professional guide series (one-time meetings/shadowing opportunities) to full mentorship programs, the Career Center can connect you with Cobber alumni in businesses across the country. Looking for an accounting job in the Twin Cities? We have scores of alums working at some of the top firms in the world. What about shadowing a physical therapist in Atlanta? You betcha they can help. The Career Center is here to help bridge the gap between you and alums, whether you’re still a student or graduated years ago.

Checking out a new city


Traveling for the weekend or making a long-term commitment to a new city? Don’t worry – we can help! The Office of Alumni Relations is here to connect you with other alums around the world. Whether for a dinner between two Cobbers or you’re looking for a new group of friends, alums are willing and ready to meet with you and create lasting relationships. Swing into Alumni Relations or give us a call and the team will help you out.

Staying connected to the college

Leaving Fargo-Moorhead doesn’t mean you need to leave the Cobber community. With our alumni base spread around the world, we have events and activities for all ages in a variety of cities. Engaging with other Cobbers on social media can keep you connected even from miles and miles away. Check out the Cobber Alumni Facebook and Twitter pages to see what’s going on and how you can use the Cobber Network beyond the walls of the classroom.

The Cobber Network is a special thing and is here to help. Whether it’s through the Career Center, on social media, or by contacting the Alumni Office, you can continue to be an important part of the Cobber community. Remember: once a Cobber, always a Cobber.