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Innocent Nsengiyumva ’22, Fargo, N.D.
Major: Undecided

Innocent Nsengiyumva ’22 was born in Tanzania, Africa, but 11 years ago he and his mom were relocated to Fargo as refugees and have lived here ever since. Even after living in North Dakota for more than a decade, Nsengiyumva still isn’t a big fan of the cold (or winter in general). But like many others, he is willing to brave the cold for Concordia. 

What opportunities has being a Community Achievement Scholar afforded you so far this year?

It has offered me a group of amazing friends that are very similar to me in that they understand hard work and are motivated to succeed. We are all either black/brown and are different in that way from a majority of people on campus, but we all are able to turn to each other for support.

There are a lot of supportive people who want to see me succeed and they do their best to make sure I am in the best position to do so. I’ve received a wide range of resources and support from the Center of Student Success and the Diversity Office, as well as the dean of the college and President Craft. I am surrounded by great role models who are very knowledgeable. People such as Drs. Edward and Gladys Antonio, Amena Chaudhry, Heidi Rogers, and everyone from the Diversity Office and Student Success are all amazing.

What has surprised you most about the Concordia experience?

It has been a pleasant surprise to see how involved President Craft is with the student body. The fact that he doesn’t mind stopping and talking to you, regardless of how busy his schedule is, is a neat thing to see.

Another aspect that has surprised me is that college is not the same for everyone. The experience can be however you want it to be or make it. At Concordia specifically, I have been surprised at how many activities and opportunities there are for people to get involved.

Innocent with teacher

What excites you most about being a Cobber?

I am excited to see how many lives and people I will touch and in turn be touched by in my four years. I am looking forward to continuing to build relationships with my peers and professors. I know that whatever major or career I pursue I will do great. I realize and am thankful knowing that Concordia will provide me with a great education and that the professors will guide and help me to the best of their ability.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Community Achievement Scholarship?

My advice would be to absolutely apply! Don’t take time to consider it – just apply. When I was about halfway through the application, I remember doubting myself and starting to have second thoughts about completing the application because I didn’t believe I had a chance of being selected. Yet, here I am. It worked out.

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Published February 2019