Glory Kom Petnkeu headshot

Glory Kom Petnkeu ’19, West Fargo, N.D.
Major/Minors: Biology; Chemistry and French

Why did you choose Concordia?

I chose Concordia because all three of my brothers attended the college and it had kind of become a family tradition. Also, I knew Concordia had an amazing pre-med program for the medical field I wanted to pursue.

Can you tell us about the Student Government Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission?

DEIC was created to celebrate the voices, culture, backgrounds, and identities of minoritized students that are often forgotten in a college that is primarily white demographic-wise. Much like the Campus Events Commission (CEC), we put on events that are educational, fun, and celebratory. It is our hope to make minoritized students feel more welcome and at home Concordia. We also want all students to learn something new at each event and broaden their cultural horizons.

As students go out in the world to become responsibly engaged, they will interact with people from all walks of life. Why not start at Concordia and broaden your worldview?

Glory in bio lab

What project or initiative are you most proud of in your role as the lead commissioner?

I am really proud of how MLK Day turned out. The signature events commissioner, Abigayle Reese, and SGA’s co-chair for MLK Day, Haylee Worm, did a phenomenal job planning the day’s activities. I am also proud of all the events we put on last semester. This is something new the college has never done before and our commission is pioneering future events to come in the years ahead. We are honored to have been the first commission to lay the groundwork.

In what ways has Concordia helped you grow?

The leadership opportunities I’ve had helped me realize what I stand for and the message I want to put out there. Being a minoritized student at Concordia made me realize that I will always fight for the rights of people whose voices are silenced because I know what that feels like.

Have you had a favorite professor or class?

Dr. Askvig is my favorite professor because he is truly interested and invested in students’ success outside of just schoolwork. He has created an environment in which students can talk to him about anything and be honest about their struggles/fears. He offers great advice and never passes judgment. I enjoyed taking Cell Bio with him my freshman year and now doing research with him in my final year.

Glory in bio lab at Concordia

What are your passions outside of academics?

I really like traveling and discovering new places around the world and being a health and wellness advocate.

What has been your favorite memory so far at Concordia?

My favorite memory was probably the first time I talked to my now boyfriend at last year’s MLK Day event.

What advice would you give a prospective student?

Take your time to discover yourself and don’t be pressured to do something you’re not passionate about. Focus on your own time frame because all good things take time and not everyone has the same journey. Get involved on campus. It is a great way of finding lifelong friends!

What’s next for you?

It is my hope to attend medical school fall of 2020, so this year I will be taking my MCAT and applying to medical schools. Most importantly, I will be taking some time to travel and enjoy my gap year.

Published April 2019