Here are some of the top new spots to check out this year.

Sol Ave Chalkboard Menu

Sol Ave. Kitchen

One of the newest restaurants in the metro was developed by the owners of Luna Fargo. Located next to Junkyard Brewing Co. in north Moorhead, Sol Ave. Kitchen serves fresh, locally sourced dishes with a global street food inspiration. With menu items ranging from poke and bipbimbop bowls to dumplings and tacos, the cuisine is truly unique. Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options are available as well.

New Roz Kebab exterior

Newroz Kebab

One of the best spots for ethnic food in town, Newroz Kebab brings authentic Kurdish food to the area. A variety of fresh kebabs, platters, and desserts are ready to eat and within walking distance from campus.

Black Coffee Waffle House Fargo

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

After success in the Minneapolis area, the Black Coffee and Waffle Bar has opened a shop in downtown Fargo. With many large tables available at its modern and sleek (and very instagrammable) location, Black Coffee is perfect for you and your group of friends. Known for its amazing waffles (gluten free and vegan options available), coffee, and a great atmosphere, this is sure to be a favorite in no time.

Pho D'licious Exterior

Pho D’licious 

As one of the newest Asian restaurants, Pho D’licious brings amazing Vietnamese food to downtown Fargo. The pho is as delicious as you can imagine and for a reasonable price too.

Shelving in Daily's Market

Daily’s Market

This new grocery store located on Broadway is ready to provide you with an assortment of products. Daily’s Market provides affordable grab-and-go items to downtown Fargo. Whether it be apple juice, shampoo, or Advil, Daily’s Market has something for everyone.

A&E Liberian Exterior

A&E Liberian  

A&E Liberian is bringing authentic African food to downtown Fargo. With a menu that is updated often, this restaurant is the place for the freshest and best African food in the community.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes 

Looking to be taken back to a simpler and more relaxing time? Then this West Fargo bakery is for you. Made with the finest and freshest ingredients, Nothing Bundt Cakes melt in your mouth with each bite. Available in single serving miniature bundtlets, full-sized bundt cakes, and bite-sized bundtinis by the dozen, you can enjoy these delicious cakes any way you want.

Drumconrath Brewing


Originally from Mapleton, N.D., Drumconrath is an established business that has moved to downtown Fargo. Not only do they offer locally made cold craft beers and IPAs, but they also regularly have great live music. This brewery is excited to expand and can’t wait to bring the Irish spirit to the community.

Tables at Usher's House in front of windows

Usher’s House

Welcome back! Usher’s House has reopened in Moorhead, located in the new Block E across from the downtown Dairy Queen. This casual fine dining restaurant serves traditional American dishes along with New American cuisine. With an exposed kitchen and a location that overlooks Main Avenue, Usher’s House is back and better than ever.

Fargo Theatre Sign

Fargo Favorites Food Tours

Discover downtown Fargo through food. With tours ranging from 2.5 to 3 hours, Fargo Favorites Food Tours takes you through local and authentic restaurants that have become staples of downtown Fargo. There are four different types of tours with specific experiences: Iconic Fargo Favorites takes you and your friends downtown and hits all of your favorite restaurants. Craft Brews and Bites includes three local breweries, one distillery, and plenty of fantastic cocktail bars and pubs. Fargo Coffee Crawl is perfect for all caffeine fans. You will spend the morning going from café to café, trying the best coffee products that Fargo has to offer. Tastes of the World takes you on a tour of Fargo’s world food options including Japanese sushi, Mexican street food, and German bier halls. Starting at $35 a person, this is something that you simply cannot pass up. Reservations required.