On-Campus Dining


Anderson Commons boasts a buffet-style service that will blow your mind. Commonly known to students as DS (short for Dining Services), it has won multiple awards for the high quality food service. DS hosts theme meals ("Forrest Gump" and "Harry Potter" were two of my favorites), Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners (bring on the lefse!), and an everyday variety that will keep you from getting bored. My personal favorites include the cornbread, fresh veggies, chicken strip nights, and there is no way you’re keeping me away from the cookie dough. – Ali ’18


The Maize is our restaurant and à la carte-style dining on campus. With a grill, sandwich line and wide variety of snacks and beverages, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your hunger (not to mention a-MAIZE-ing fries). With hours from 8 a.m.-10 p.m., it offers a more flexible dining option than Anderson Commons. – Grace ’17


The Korn Krib is the perfect place to grab a prewrapped sandwich in between classes or a late-night snack to get you through your studies. Whether you go for the yogurt or the candy bars, an energy drink or hummus and pita, you’ll find a variety of ready-to-go foods here. It’s your one-stop shop to stock up on cereal, ramen and other survival foods to keep in your dorm. It’s also a great place to bring your family and get some Cobber gear if the bookstore is closed. – Karis ’17


The Coffee Stop: Whether you need a fast and delicious caffeine break before your 8 a.m. or between classes, the Coffee Stop is the go-to spot to get tasty snacks in a flash. Located in the heart of campus, the Coffee Stop sits conveniently above the main entrance to The Maize (just in case you need some fries to go with that latte). Some perks of visiting the Coffee Stop include being served Caribou brand coffee, saving 25 cents when bringing a reusable mug, and eating the fresh jumbo muffins that are baked daily. Whenever I have random pocket change, I like to grab a dessert or two to make my day that much better. – Eme ’17

Off-Campus Favorites


20 Below Coffee Co.: The atmosphere is to die for. I feel so welcome doing homework there all morning. While I’m a fan of dark roasts, their hot chocolate is off the charts. They feature local art and have a variety of seating, which is great for both chatting and studying alike. – Marah ’18


Teaberry: I love the healthy fresh fruit smoothie options available and it is one of the only places in the F-M area that has Boba tea. Also, it’s a great place to sit and relax by yourself or with friends. I often see people doing homework or playing board games. – Angelica ’18


Dairy Queen: This is the legendary Dairy Queen that has made headlines in the New York Post and Fortune magazine. Everything it serves is homemade and isn’t always something you can find on a typical Dairy Queen menu. It’s the perfect walk from campus to beat the heat at the beginning of the year or to celebrate the end of finals week in the spring! – Erica ’17


Tutti Frutti: My friends and I treat ourselves to Tutti Frutti many Friday nights. We bring it back to our room and enjoy it while watching a movie. It’s a great option for students because you can get your chocolate or fruit fix. You also get a free cup on your birthday and can get free froyo with their punch card. – Marah ’18


Sandy’s Donuts: One of the best places to utilize your student discount! Sandy’s has the best donuts in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Their selection is always changing (with the exceptions of a few staples), so you’ll get a chance to experience amazing donuts every time! – Erica ’17


Blackbird Woodfire: Their sausage apple pizza? Oh, my goodness. They have a rustic, hipster, pizza-joint vibe. Overall quality of ingredients and taste is dynamite. It’s a great place to enjoy an evening in the heart of downtown Fargo. – Will ’19


The Boiler Room: Although The Boiler Room is open all day, it’s my favorite destination on Sunday mornings because have an excellent brunch menu. The restaurant has a very unique, artsy feel and the food is always good. – Matthew ’18


Red Raven Espresso Parlor: From lattes and espresso to caramel apple cider and smoothies, to sandwiches and the best scones outside of the U.K. you will ever eat, this place is laid-back and friendly with plenty of spaces to do homework on your own or with friends! Plus, there’s often live music or comedy on weekends. – Erica ’17


Atomic Coffee: The great thing about Atomic Coffee is that it is a local coffee shop that is open far longer than most coffee shops in the area. Staying open until 11 allows students like myself to get off campus to a different location and get a hard night of studying done in a trendy and fun location. – Matthew ’18


Moxie Java: Just a short walk from campus, Moxie has always been one of my favorite places in town to grab a coffee. It’s a very quiet café near Woodlawn Park that is great for studying or meeting up with friends. – Paige ’18


Rhombus Guys: Two friends started this restaurant on a snowmobile trailer. Today, they serve awesome specialty pizzas. Their vegetarian options are solid and their monthly specials are always worth a go. Once you’ve chosen from their 34 pizza options or built your own, you can spend your time waiting by coloring on the table with crayons. – Marah ’18