Health and Wellness

You can’t do your best if you are under the weather or struggling with emotional issues. Concordia offers a variety of services to help you deal with anything that is going on in your life.

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Public Safety

One of the Campus Security/Public Safety Office's primary responsibilities is to ensure that all members of the Concordia community may pursue their occupation and/or education without fear for their mental, emotional and/or physical well-being.

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International Community

This office facilitates intercultural connections, experiences and learning. Its purpose is to cultivate a college environment that appreciates and celebrates all forms of diversity.

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Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success has services to assist you with any of your college concerns, as well as direct you to the right resource at Concordia. The Center for Student Success offers one-on-one academic counseling with professional staff, peer tutoring in specific subjects and assessments to evaluate your learning habits or study skills. Our open-door policy allows you to connect on a personal basis with staff and peer mentors in an effort to create a rewarding and successful college experience.

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Solution Center

This office is your best bet when it comes to issues with campus computers, printers and wireless Internet. We can also help you with your personal computer, like installing anti-virus software and removing viruses.

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Career Center

Located in the Parke Student Leadership Center, the Career Center offers four major resources – Career Peers, the Cooperative Education Office, career planning and job search assistance – along with a Career Center Library and networking services.

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Office of Student Support

The Office of Student Support promotes the success and well-being of students through direct student assistance, referral coordination, case management, consultation and intervention. Feel free to contact Lois Cogdill, dean of students, if you have concerns about your son or daughter and would like assistance. These concerns might relate to any number of areas such as health, academics, finances, mental health and/or personal issues.