Research Options

Students can work with faculty during the academic year or during 10-week summer research fellowships. 

Jensen Lab

Dr. Mark Jensen's research team is currently focused on environmental applications of solid-phase microextraction (SPME) combined with detection by both HPLC and GC-MS. In a collaboration with Prof. Jared Anderson at Iowa State University, we are examining the use of polymerized ion liquids (PILs) as coatings for SPME fibers.

Krogstad Lab

Dr. Donald "Chopper" Krogstad's lab looks at the synthesis of novel, green molecules that may be used for environmentally friendly catalysis or for fighting diseases.

Ulness Lab

Dr. Darin Ulness' research group seeks to understand the dynamics and interactions in molecular liquids and their mixtures. This includes the study of special interactions like hydrogen and halogen bonding. Methods used include both Raman and noisy light-based nonlinear optical spectroscopy.

Wyllie Lab

Dr. Graeme Wyllie focuses on developing new experiments and teaching lab materials – mainly for the general chemistry laboratory and science outreach. His research team is especially interested in experiments with a real world connection such as environmental chemistry or sustainability.