Whether you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer, fitness coach, physical therapist or a host of other opportunities, you'll get the experiences you need to prepare you for success.

Programs of Study

Exercise science is offered through the nutrition, dietetics, and exercise science department.

Major or Minor in Exercise Science

Upon graduation, exercise science majors are qualified to sit for the certification exam for one of two accrediting organizations, the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Concentration

This concentration will give you a foundation to pursue a variety of health-related professional fields.

Preprofessional Concentration in Clinical Practice, Rehabilitation and Therapy

This concentration will prepare you for professional and graduate programs. Total credits depend on the intended postgraduate program.

AJ Flemming '17, Exercise Science Major on Grad School Preparedness

It doesn’t take a biology or chemistry degree to become a doctor. An exercise science student is highly prepared for graduate school after Concordia. Tack on a minor or two (I recommend biology and/or psychology) to gain more insight outside of the major.

Dr. Emily C. Huber-Johnson

Assistant Professor/Program Director, Exercise Science Exercise Science, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Exercise Science