According to the World Economic Forum, entrepreneurship is a life skill that every student will need to survive and thrive in the 21st century. No matter your discipline, an entrepreneurial mindset will prepare you for the new world of work while giving you a competitive edge in your field by learning how to think and act like an entrepreneur, recognizing opportunity, solving problems, and creating value. Concordia College’s Offutt School of Business offers an entrepreneurship minor and an entrepreneurial mindset certificate.

From the Field

Entrepreneurs at Work

"As an employer, we are looking to hire graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset because it is important for all Appareo team members to solve problems, focus on value, and help our innovative business to be the best it can be."

— David Batcheller, President and CEO, Appareo Systems

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

In today’s workforce, employers are demanding that entrepreneurial workers create value and innovation in the workplace. Entrepreneurial people are always looking for ways to improve or do the work better by taking the initiative to solve problems and add value. Entrepreneurial people are opportunity finders, often seeing opportunity where others may see none. To be sure, an entrepreneurial mindset could be the key to landing your dream job or earning your next promotion.

Not sure you want to work for someone else? An entrepreneurial mindset can help you launch a startup or join the freelance workforce, where you have the freedom to do project-based work that aligns your skills with the needs of others. No matter your direction, an entrepreneurial mindset will empower you to succeed while opening up opportunities.

Max Mona '21 on Studying Entrepreneurship

I learned that entrepreneurship applies to any discipline, any workplace, and any position. The entrepreneurial skills I gained from creative problem solving to collaborating in teams to being able to adapt to change will be key to my future success.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Simply said, entrepreneurship is more than business creation and small business management. It’s a mindset that cultivates the creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative skills needed to succeed in any work environment. To develop your entrepreneurial skills, the Offutt School of Business offers an entrepreneurial mindset certificate and an entrepreneurship minor to students of all disciplines.

The entrepreneurial mindset certificate complements any major and requires no prerequisites.

Center for Entrepreneurship 

Concordia’s Center for Entrepreneurship unleashes entrepreneurial leaders in the classroom, across the institution, and in the community. The center creates entrepreneurial learning environments by deploying entrepreneurial mindset curriculum in classrooms being taught by interdisciplinary faculty. The center cultivates entrepreneurial culture by providing entrepreneurial mindset thought leadership, professional development, and training in the community. And, the center connects with the entrepreneurial ecosystem by bridging the campus to the community with entrepreneurial events, experiences, resources, and mentorship. Learn more about the Center for Entrepreneurship.

The Offutt School of Business Difference

The Offutt School of Business is dedicated to creating global, ethical, and entrepreneurial leaders for a world of change. With entrepreneurship being one of our three pillars, you have the opportunity to learn inside and outside of the classroom to solve real world problems.

Your learning will be integrative and iterative while you learn to problem find, problem solve, and create value. You will learn from every day entrepreneurs who are compelled to solve problems they care about. Our entrepreneurial classroom is a highly engaging, collaborative, and hands on environment that allows you to cultivate your own entrepreneurial mindset.

Global, Ethical, Entrepreneurial

Founded on the pillars of transformative leadership, global engagement, ethical decision-making, and an entrepreneurial mindset, the Offutt School of Business is dedicated to sending into society thoughtful and informed business leaders with a strong moral compass. Our students attend classes in a state-of-the-art facility and participate in cutting-edge curriculum that allows them to think critically and network globally.

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Bree Langemo, J.D.

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship; Assistant Professor of Law and Entrepreneurship Business (Offutt School of Business – Academics), Pre-Law