Graduates of Concordia College are well prepared for the study of law. Concordia has offered a pre-law advising program for many years. Over the past five years, 94% of graduating seniors who applied to law school have gained admission to at least one program. This speaks to Concordia’s commitment to helping students discern whether they have an aptitude for the study and practice of the law and to give those who do the tools necessary to succeed.

Minor in Pre-Law

Starting this fall, students will have the option to earn a pre-law minor. This program offers an interdisciplinary approach to law, legal institutions, and graduate school preparation. Graduates will be prepared to move into careers in law, government, advocacy, and business after the completion of this minor.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Career-Ready Outcomes

Concordia’s pre-law program prepares students for law and graduate school and the legal industry, trains them in legal analysis, reasoning, and communication, and sends them into society as thoughtful individuals ready to make a difference and influence the affairs of the world. The program focuses on helping students build proficiency in the fundamental concepts of legal reasoning, an ability to read, understand, and analyze the ideas present in complex arguments and documents, construct arguments using critical thinking and reasoning-based analysis skills, and develop proficiency in using language to communicate complex ideas in written and verbal form. Students also will develop their reasoning processes through engaging in ethical decision-making relative to diverse populations and worldviews.

Tangible skills and assets that students gain while completing the program include:

  • Problem-solving through thinking about important issues, challenging existing ideas, and developing tolerance for uncertainty and criticism.
  • Critical reading through thorough analysis of complex textual material and ideas.
  • Writing and editing through rigorous and analytical writing, including preparing original pieces of substantial length and revising written work in response to constructive criticism.

Benefits of Pre-Law Advising

Pre-law isn't just for seniors scrambling to finish their law school applications. From their first semester, Concordia pre-law students join an enthusiastic, dynamic community of future law students. No matter what you major in, Concordia College trains students for engaged citizenship and civic professionalism. Whether you major in business, theatre art, political science, or biochemistry, you can be a pre-law student at Concordia — and you can be yourself at the same time.

Through the Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) program, pre-law students intern and study in our nation's capital — often in law-related internships that foster lasting connections postgraduation. Under the guidance of a trained litigator/coach, Mock Trial students compete in collegiate-level simulated courtroom exercises. Through the Pre-Law Society, students work together to program law-related events.

Even if a traditional legal career isn't for you, law school will expand your career options by teaching you hard and soft skills for our ever-evolving, 21st century workplace. Indeed, Concordia has hundreds of alumni in traditional and nontraditional legal careers who are often more than happy to network with students or participate in on-campus events. In other words, we recognize that law school has become a jumping-off point for lots of diverse, ethical, high-impact careers. We'll prepare you for today's law school experience and job opportunities. We'll never read from old scripts and we're pretty sure you'll have fun in the process.

Applying to law school is complicated — but at Concordia, you will not face this journey alone. Your pre-law advisor is available throughout the year (and during the summer) for one-on-one advising sessions. Together, you'll develop a comprehensive, personalized game plan to navigate the law school application process and maximize your chances of admission to the law school of your choice. Moreover, we'll still be here for you after you graduate. Cobber alumni often work for several years before applying to law school. If this is your situation, you'll still have access to one-on-one advising and we'll still do everything we can to help you succeed. Once a Cobber, always a Cobber.

Would you like speedy, constructive feedback on your application essays and resume? Do you need help applying for LSAC fee waivers? Now that the LSAT is usually conducted remotely, are you having trouble locating a quiet room and/or a fast computer? Do you need someone to refer you to appropriate campus resources, such as the Center for Holistic Health, Financial Aid, or the Writing Center? Pre-law can and will help.

At Concordia, pre-law students want each other to succeed and celebrate each other's successes. Whether you join the Pre-Law Society or the Mock Trial team, you'll find moral support and encouragement to guide your pre-law journey. It's no accident that pre-law students stick together — and often form some of the most important friendships of their college careers (and beyond). Our students know that pre-law isn't just about getting into law school. It's about shared learning, civic engagement, and both personal and professional growth. It's about learning who you are and finding your place in a complicated world.

Grace Halvorson ’25 on choosing to study pre-law

I’ve always been interested in the immense impact of judicial decisions past, current, and future. Equity, justice, politics, and rights are important to me. I hope to positively impact these crucial decisions that will change our futures.

Comprehensive Pre-Law Preparation

Taking courses from Concordia’s pre-law interdisciplinary program helps to prepare students for the study of law by developing:

  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Strong writing and speaking skills

Concordia’s cocurricular activities help students gauge their interest in the law and interact with members of the legal community. These special opportunities include:

Cobber to Commissioner

Cynthia Bauerly ’93 was appointed the commissioner of revenue for the Minnesota Department of Revenue in 2015. Prior to her service at the department, Bauerly gained extensive experience in law, management, and public policy.

Graduate Successes

  • Concordia graduates have attended top-tier law programs, including the University of Michigan, Georgetown University, the University of California-Berkeley, and the University of Minnesota.
  • Concordia alumni who went on to law school work as federal judges, partners in major law firms, U.S. attorneys, and in a range of corporate management positions.

Ryan Deschene ’14, J.D.

Concordia prepared me for law school in too many ways to adequately appreciate, but the love of learning I developed from my professors is most important to me. Controversies law students and lawyers encounter can range from criminal justice inequity to property interest disputes, and a genuine interest and ability to learn each topic is required to be successful. I owe my successes today to the teaching, encouragement, and mentorship I was able to cultivate during my time at Concordia.

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Dr. Nicholas Howard

Assistant Professor, Political Science; Pre-Law Advisor Political Science, Pre-Law